Saturday, June 27, 2009

Signature dives only at SHBL

The picture above describes it all. The photographer, Loren Kearny, who is also a part of the dive staff, named this shot "A Diver's Endless Summer". It was taken this month at Diana's Dungeons. A dive signature to Small Hope Bay Lodge, where there are spectacular swim-through caverns on a false wall of a variety of soft coral, as well as amazing red encrusting algae found on the inside of all of the swim-throughs. A diver can wind their way through these wide and well-lit caverns, and expect to see large numbers of silver sides as well as the fish that eat them, like Bar Jacks and Yellowtail Snapper.

This 90ft dive, originally got its name because all the twisted swim-throughs reminded our one-time head dive master of his girlfriend's mind. Regardless of how this site got it's name, Diana's dungeons has quickly become a guest favorite.
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