Monday, May 30, 2016

Excellent Kayaking!


As we get closer to summer the seas are getting calmer and calmer< These mornings the water is so calm it's like glass. You don't even have to dive or snorkel to see the fish. You can be on the dock or the boat and look down and spot all kinds of beautiful Caribbean life.

The calm water also make for excellent kayaking! One of our guests recently took a kayak all the way to Goat Cay, about 1.4 miles away for some snorkeling. Beautiful day for it . . . . Pin It Now!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Named One of the Best Hotels in the Bahamas!

Check out this great article from Caribbean Journal. Small Hope is named one of the best hotels in the Bahamas. (We already know that!)

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Excellent Birding on Andros Island

Many people travel to the Bahamas for many reasons. Our crystal blue waters, blue holes, fish species, and exotic terrain mean there are lots of activity option to enjoy. One of those activities is birding. Here is some information about birding on Andros . . .

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Gone Fishin'

The weather is beautiful these days!!!!! So to enjoy it, Jeff and some of the boys, including one of our lucky guests, went out fishing. They brought snacks and beer, naturally. And they brought back snappers, barracuda, and mahi mahi! A good time was had by all . . .

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Monday, May 16, 2016

New Page on our Website - Film and TV!

For many, many years Small Hope Bay Lodge has been welcoming guests of all kinds - divers, honeymooners, fishermen, snorkelers, nature lovers, relaxers. But there is another type of guest we see every once in a while. The ones who are filming for TV shows or documentaries.

River Monsters
Jonathan Bird's Blue World

Love Nature
UFO Hunters

We have hosted several different shows and decided it was time to showcase some of these guests. We have just added our new page to our website. Check out what these people had to say about staying with Small Hope for their filming adventures. Sometimes we just helped with logistics and accommodation for the cast and crew. But other times our staff got to be in the show!

Check out our Film & TV page!
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Friday, May 13, 2016

A Perfect Destination for Families . . . .

This little resort, hidden away on beautiful Andros Island, is an ideal vacation spot for families! As an all-inclusive resort, it makes your trip easy. We are family owned and operated since the very beginning and family is very important to us.

We have Family Cabins, which are two-bedroom cabins with a shared bath. They usually have a king-size bed on one side and two single beds on the other side, but you can request other configurations to suit your needs.

We have complimentary babysitting for kids age 2-7 (small fee for a personal babysitter for infants). The kids eat in the Games Room with their babysitter, and get a special kids' menu (though they are welcome to the same menu as the grown ups). This has been a tradition since the beginning and it works great! It give kids the space and time to be kids, and adults get to be adults! Win-win.

We have a swing set and kiddie castle. We have a Young Ranger and a Young Naturalist Program. We teach kids 10 and up to scuba dive. We teach kids under 10 swimming, snorkeling, or our SASY class, which is surface scuba diving for kids.

The kids here have a blast and parents get a worry-free, stress-free holiday! That's why so many families come back to Small Hope, year after year . . .

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Monday, May 9, 2016

A Great New Video from Small Hope . . .

This videos says it all about Small Hope! And the music is from Jeff Birch's step-father, Duke Hanna, singing about Small Hope itself! Hope you enjoy . . .

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Friday, May 6, 2016

The Kids are Doing Great and Learning to Dive!!!!!

Just a progress report on the local Andros kids who are working together with the community and Small Hope to become certified scuba divers:

The group has now grown to 23 kids! There are moving right along and are about halfway through their book work, and have also completed some of the confined water skills and their first Open Water dive!!!!

We are so proud!

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Tropical Beach Weddings and Honeymoons . . .

Planning a wedding can be an exhausting and difficult task. So why not forget the hassle and have a beautiful, beach wedding in the Bahamas?

Leave the planning to us and just kick back and enjoy your special day! Whether you want a private event for just the two of you, or a big event with the whole resort full of your guests - we can make it happen.

Check out our Wedding Portfolio to see the different options for weddings at Small Hope Bay Lodge.

And we also have wedding and honeymoon packages that work for just about everyone.

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