Friday, May 30, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

The Coyles (Dad, David, Mom, Kathy, and son, Dawson) had a blast during the first (and not last!) trip to Small Hope Bay Lodge. They snorkeled, fished, and Dawson learned how to scuba dive in our Bubblemaker program!

Dawson had a blast chasing lizards and frogs, snorkeling, and playing Ping Pong with his favorite divemaster, Ash. Pin It Now!

Shark Diving at Small Hope Bay

Our divers this week enjoyed our Shark Observation Dive over at the Shark Emporium. Small Hope Bay Lodge's use of the "chumsicle" method of feeding the sharks allows the sharks to maintain their natural behaviour of feeding. They bump and compete around the chum ball and establish the pecking order of who feeds first. It is a very interesting and educational experience!

Thanks to our daring divemaster, Loren, we get a close up look at the nictitating membrane, which is the sharks' third eyelid that they pull over their eyes to protect them during the attack. Look very closely at the picture and you will see the gray shading over the eyeballs of a couple of the sharks! Pin It Now!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Perfect Day

Blue Holes, turtles and spadefish, oh my!




Thanks to Joe and Cathy for the pictures! Pin It Now!

Rex Vs. Crab

Everyone's favorite Small Hope pooch, Rex, was having a blast playing with the crab that he dug up. We are not sure what the poor crab thought!

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New Life

Some of the Small Hope divers witnessed the start of new life at Cara's Caverns when they observed this sponge spawning.

As a result of this spawning, new sponges will begin cropping up on our reef, bringing more colors and textures for the divers to enjoy for years to come! Pin It Now!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Magical Creatures

Some of our divers (and divemasters!) were delighted when we were joined by a couple of hawksbill sea turtles on our dive at Whipwire Wall yesterday. They are such magical creatures and we were very lucky to be able to swim with them for a couple of minutes.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Taking the Plunge



Congratulations to Bill and Nicole for "taking the plunge" at Small Hope Bay Lodge! The whole Small Hope Family wishes them the best and cannot wait to see them again! First anniversary, maybe?

Some of our other guests took the plunge at Uncle Charlie's Blue Hole


It looks like Chip, Jane, Hayden, Megan, Audrey, Jenny, Jim, Drew and Ally had a lot of fun! Pin It Now!