Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Prom at Small Hope Bay Lodge

Prom Night at Small Hope Bay!!  

The graduates of Central Andros High came to Small Hope Monday night to hold their prom and celebrate their graduation.

Guests of Small Hope were treated to a fashion show showcasing the beautiful Androsia gowns and suits worn by the students. It was a great night filled with food, fun, music and of course dancing!! 

         Congratulations Graduates!!


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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Learn to Dive in The Bahamas

Learn to dive in the Bahamas this summer!!

With summer just around the corner there is no better time to plan your trip to the Bahamas. Constant sunshine and beautiful flat waters make summer the perfect time to learn to dive. 

Maria took advantage of the warming waters and perfect visibility to complete her Open Water Certification. Here she is with dive instructor Erin completing all her skills. 

 If you have ever wanted to experience the world under the sea now is the time. Summer in the Bahamas means lots of sunshine and a warm calm sea. Summer at Small Hope Bay Lodge means great diving and a whole lot of fun! Our PADI certified instructors will work with you to ensure that your diving experience at Small Hope is not only fun and exciting but also conducted with safety as the main priority. You don't want to miss out. This summer bring the family for a dive getaway and an experience you'll never forget! Pin It Now!