Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt Spectators

Hilary and Elsa sit back and watch the Easter egg hunt.

Hilary and her mother, Martha, are the longest standing repeat guests to Small Hope Bay Lodge. They have been returning with family and friends for the last 35 years! The rest of the Family will join them over the next few days. Pin It Now!

Easter Sunday

Kids explore the grounds of Small Hope in search of goodies left by the Easter bunny.

Mia’s stops mid-hunt to make pose, while Mariah continues her quest for more candy :-)

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Easters On Its Way

The Easter Bunny caught in the act! Tracy hiding Easter Eggs for our annual Easter egg hunt!
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Bonefishing, Tequilla & Lime

The Margarita Fishermen and Fisherwomen return again. They caught many bonefish and the Margaritas were great, sorry we can not reveal the secret recipe, but John will after a few of them :-)
Here is the gang presenting Jeff with a specially made Bonefishing Emergency First Aid Kit, filled with all the essentials for Bonefishing and tying fly’s. Thanks guys and we look forward to seeing you next year.
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Fishing for fun (and bonefish) at Small Hope Bay Lodge

A couple of weeks ago, Skeebo (Harrington Frazier) - one of Small Hope Bay's fabulous resident fishing guides and dive instructors - took a guest on a two-day bonefishing extravaganza. They had a great time exploring some waters off the beaten path.
Our guest, John Cox, is from South Carolina, and he's been to Andros to fish with Skeebo before. But he'd never gone fishing in the North Bight – only the South Bight, so this visit, Skeebo took him to some new areas.
They had an early start Saturday morning. "We were in the water by 7:30 and we didn't get to the flats - where we wanted to fish – until 9," Skeebo said.
Skeebo and John headed towards the little Loggerhead area because there are two different tides there and they wanted to catch the right tide. "It's low rising on the west coast and falling on the east coast," Skeebo explained.
They saw a fair amount of fish, but according to Skeebo, the fish were very finicky. "The first fish we saw was a double digit fish. John made a 60-foot cast at 10 o'clock and the fish aggressively charged to fly. But John didn't make a long strip and the fish spooked off."

They cast quite a few fish that day. John hooked a few fish and landed one or two. "Most of them ranged between four to eight pounds, which is a good size," Skeebo said.
They had a picnic lunch, and were happy to be out on the water. John's also a fishing guide – he guides for red fish. "He has a very positive attitude towards fishing," said Skeebo. "He likes to explore and so do I. It was a lot of fun - we had a good time."
This was the first time John stayed at Small Hope Bay, and we hope he'll come back to stay with us again.
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