Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rob, Jake, Meg and Marshall

“We returned to Small Hope Bay for a second time, two summers after discovering this wonderful dive resort in the Bahamas and our second trip was as wonderful as our first! The staff, the food, the other guests, the dives, the scenery were all still simply amazing and all four of us had a terrific week together! This year we had two years of diving under our belts (had just started to dive two years ago) and the dives were even better than before (to include our sighting of a 10 foot hammerhead swimming up over the wall our second morning!) Thanks for a terrific week…..we will certainly be back!!!”

Meg, Rob and Jake Hodges (and Marshall, Jake’s friend!)

Atlanta, GA

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back years later...

Andy used to visit Small Hope back when young Jeffery roamed the resort that his father, Dick Birch, had started. Back then, he used to play with Jeff, Scotty, and Tuffer. Now, years later, he returned and brought his wife Patsy. They both enjoyed the wonderful Bohemian cuisine (even though Patsy is a vegetarian, she was able to find plenty of options) and great diving like the Shark Emporium. Today, he says:
"The resort still has the same charm and wonderfulness that it had way back when."
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Graduation Day!

After all the explorers went exploring, birdwatchers went birdwatching, divers went diving, and fishermen went fishing, Small Hope hosted the graduation of Andros’ Christian Academy right outside on the patio. Many came to watch as the kids sang, spoke, and reminisced about their experiences.

We were fortunate enough to watch Moose’s son, Ethan, along with Jeff’s youngest son, Christian, get their diplomas as they were graduating from Preschool. Congratulations boys!

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Rescue Diver training

While things were a little quieter, it was a good chance to get some training accomplished. Simen and Davis, Small Hope interns, and their instructor Joe all jumped in the crystal clear water to get Simon started on his rescue diver certification. Joe is trying to get the Simen ready for any emergency situation while still making the training fun and rewarding. What better place to learn a new PADI course then here at Small Hope Bay Lodge?

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