Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April is nearly over!!

It has been a busy couple of  months here at Small Hope, Spring Break  has been going for 2 months! 
We have meet some great new friends and had the chance to reconnect with old friends.

Easter has been and gone, and what fun we had......

Nicky, Renauldo, Sonny, Joe, Antonio, Kate and Denise

Sammy, Chuck and Drew

We had a lovely meal prepared by the Small Hope chefs! 

 It was a real treat to have some fresh Asparagus

and garden peas, 


Michelle made some dinner rolls.

There was Honey Glazed Ham

 BBQ Spring Lamb

Some Dauphinoise potato

And of course there were some mouth watering desserts................

 Anyone hungry???

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hi from Jim and Liz....................

We both had a great time at Small Hope Bay Lodge! 

Jim Dive master Dennis and Liz

The place itself is amazing but what adds even more is THE STAFF!!! 

I can’t begin to say enough about them. They are all so friendly and multi-talented, extremely nice young people to help you enjoy your stay at Small Hope.

We mostly snorkeled, relaxed, ate very well, went to Captain Bills Blue Hole and played cribbage!! 
Did a lot of hammocking as well!

Fantastic reefs, with great visibility, teeming with fish of all colors. From the divers we talked to they all said the dives were fantastic! You must do the Shark Emporium Dive or snorkel as I did a memorable experience to be sure!

Kudos to Jeff for offering the opportunity to enjoy Small Hope Bay Lodge, for being such a friendly, gracious host!!

Thanks to all Jeff, Nicky, Mel, Loren, Aidan, Leyna, Antonio, Joe, Bhurna, Austin, Abba, Dennis And thanks to Renaundo and ALL of his kitchen staff for the great meals!

I know I’ve left some out by mistake but you get the idea!

Come to Small Hope Bay Lodge you will LOVE IT!!!
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Friday, April 22, 2011

News from Small Hope.................

A big HELLO to everyone out there!!

So what has been happening at Small Hope lately???

We have had Chris, Fred and Pete from Massachusetts back for some fun in the sun and early morning Over the Wall dive, it was great seeing them again.

Peter, Chris & Fred on the ledge

Bill and Jean are back for a visit from Canada. They have been coming since the 60's! Watch a video of Bill and Jean chatting with Jeff.

Jeff, Jean and Bill

We have had a lovely beach wedding. A big congratulations to Lewis and Maria from Chicago!

Lewis & Maria with Reverend Hamilton 

Dive intern Kate has started her rescue diver training with Small Hope Dive Master Joe. Good luck Kate and have fun!!

Joe & Kate

The dive staff have been busy, with 3 dives a day, going to all your favorite sites

Hope to see you all soon!!!

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bev and Rudy's Seaside Wedding......

On Tuesday 22 March 2011, Bev and Rudy got married!!!

It was a quiet afternoon wedding. The sun was shining, the wedding arch was decorated,  there was a light sea breeze, the day was perfect!!
Revered Hamilton was on hand for the ceremony and his words of wisdom. The vows were said, the marriage certificates were sign, it was then time to enjoy the afternoon sun on the outside patio with music and the first dance as man and wife.
A big congratulations to Bev and Rudy on their special day and thanks for sharing with Small Hope staff and guest!!!!
Watch movie here.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

North Andros land tour with your guide- Dennis

 Wanting to know more about the Big Yard, they call “Andros Island”?

Find out about the history of the island, stop to see just a few of the inland blue holes & learn how they came to be named, hear about the logging days, & learn some folk laws and myths. 

 You will see some local working farms which provide Small Hope with fresh fruits & veggies! 

Explore Captain Henry Morgan’s cave were all the treasure is said to be hidden, or for the more adventurous we will go and see Evan’s cave and blue hole- a small walking trail.

We hit the open road with a cooler of fruits, sodas and drinks and have a great afternoon.

Check out the video.....

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