Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hi from Jim and Liz....................

We both had a great time at Small Hope Bay Lodge! 

Jim Dive master Dennis and Liz

The place itself is amazing but what adds even more is THE STAFF!!! 

I can’t begin to say enough about them. They are all so friendly and multi-talented, extremely nice young people to help you enjoy your stay at Small Hope.

We mostly snorkeled, relaxed, ate very well, went to Captain Bills Blue Hole and played cribbage!! 
Did a lot of hammocking as well!

Fantastic reefs, with great visibility, teeming with fish of all colors. From the divers we talked to they all said the dives were fantastic! You must do the Shark Emporium Dive or snorkel as I did a memorable experience to be sure!

Kudos to Jeff for offering the opportunity to enjoy Small Hope Bay Lodge, for being such a friendly, gracious host!!

Thanks to all Jeff, Nicky, Mel, Loren, Aidan, Leyna, Antonio, Joe, Bhurna, Austin, Abba, Dennis And thanks to Renaundo and ALL of his kitchen staff for the great meals!

I know I’ve left some out by mistake but you get the idea!

Come to Small Hope Bay Lodge you will LOVE IT!!!
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