Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Brothers Bond

Alex, Bryant and Nick

Our first diving experience was at Small Hope Bay Lodge in 2003 on a family vacation. We did the Discover SCUBA course and were immediately taken with diving.

Soon after that trip my brothers and I received our Open Water SCUBA certification and have since taken trips to the Florida Keys and Mexico; however we have yet to find an experience that could compete with the one we had at Small Hope.

When we were putting together a diving trip for the youngest brother Nick’s graduation in 2010 we knew that we wanted to be back at SHBL. In the six years since our last visit, not much has changed, but everything we loved when we were kids is still here, the cabins tucked right next to the beach, the extreme variety of diving (wall, reef, Blue Holes, wreck dives), great conversations with the other guests at the communal dinner every night and an attitude among the enthusiastic staff of making sure every guest feels at home.

As you fall asleep at night listening to the waves on the beach you can’t help but feel like you aren’t at a resort but rather a good friends place in the Bahamas, and of course you always wish you could stay for one more night.

Alex, Bryant & Nick Boucher
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

50th Anniversary speech by Jeff & Margo

th Anniversary speech by Jeff & Margo

This Christmas was an extra special time to celebrate as it was Small Hope’s 50th Christmas & Anniversary!  
Here is what Jeff and his sister Margo had to say about this very special occasion!

A snap shot of Small Hope
Click on the link below to watch the video........

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas at Small Hope Bay Lodge 2010!

Christmas at Small Hope!

Friends, family, food, drinks…..all the fixings of a wonderful Christmas day!  The highlight was the CULINARY EXTRAVAGANZA prepared by Renauldo and all the kitchen crew. A fabulous time was had by all.

 Next up…..a FANTASTIC New Years Eve  Celebration!!!     

Click on link to watch our Christmas video....... 

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Learning how to Cave Dive...........

In October Small Hope dive masters Joe and Antonio were lucky enough to go to Abaco and learn how to dive in caves. Here is an account of how the training went from dive master Joe

Cave Training Day 1

OK Antonio and I arrived on Abaco Island Friday afternoon and spent the evening in the classroom looking through the manual and watching the slide show. We are doing 4 courses Cavern Diver, Intro to Cave, Apprentice Cave Diver and Full Cave Diver. Our instructor Brian Kakuk who runs Bahamas Underground has been exploring and surveying the caves of the Bahamas for 20 years.

We started today by getting all our equipment together and running through some of the drills for laying lines, low visibility and gas management issues in the yard where questions were easy to ask...

Trying on all the gear



We then went down to Mermaid reef a shallow 10’ dive to practice what we had learnt in the yard and get used to the new equipment setup. We spent over an hour doing line drills, practising buoyancy and doing out of air situations.
After lunch we did our first cavern dive at Dan’s Cave which was spectacular...

Cave Training Day 2


Today has been a busy day we have done 3 dives in 3 different caves all staying inside the cavern zone. The first was at Magic Blue Hole which is an enormous cone with the top cut off the pool is about 30’ across but just below the surface it opens out to about 100’ and it is DEEP.
Magic Blue Hole

For the next dive we went back to Dan’s Cave Which is a MASSIVE Cavern but it is silty so you have to be careful with buoyancy and fining.

Brian showing us Dan's Cave

Then we did Reel Breaker which is one of the ocean blue holes as our last cavern dive. This one was flowing so hard you had to drag yourself along the bottom to get in but the ride on the way out was fun and the amount of lobsters in the cavern was staggering.

Once we got back to the shop we tidied up and then took the test.

Cave Training Day 3


WOW started Intro to cave today and did 2 mind blowing dives in Dan’s cave. We are allowed to go past the STOP sign now and into the dark. WOW Check out this video I found of Dan’s Cave they go much further than us... We got to about their 03:40 mark

Cave Training Day 4

OK so today we have finished off intro to cave with two amazing dives the first was at Dan’s cave and the second at Ralph’s cave.We PASSED the exam so we are starting Apprentice Cave tomorrow. Yeah!!

Cave Training Day 5

Now its all starting to come together we did 2 dives at Dan,s Cave today the first was 120’ for 75mins and the second was 74’ for 104mins. We are allowed to go deeper and stay longer now and do some more complex navigation which opens up much more of the cave. Today we went to the Good Lands and the Bad Lands.

Cave Training Day 6

Two more dives out of the way today and we are done with apprentice cave. Tomorrow we are starting Full Cave which means that we will have to do more of the planning and navigation ourselves. Today we dived a new cave called Lost Reel it was darker and spookier than the others. There are the remains of crocodile skeletons and giant tortoise shells preserved in the oxygen free water it was a strange place. The second dive was back at Dan’s cave, here we did the second half of a circuit that we had set up the day before.

Cave Training Day 7

Full Cave started today and we were back at Dan’s Cave for 2 dives. Now we are doing more complex navigation with multiple jumps and we are going deeper in to the cave system.

Cave Training Day 8 LAST DIVES

We have done our last two dives for the course today and all has gone well. We dived at Dan’s cave this morning and Ralph’s Cave after lunch, both dives were spectacular and I am going to miss not diving in caves every day.
We have still got to take the final exam but we are going to do it tomorrow which gives us time to study up It is also good to have a night off book work.
Tomorrow Brian is going to take us on a special dive which we are excited about it will be much longer and more challenging than the dives we did for the course but there will be no skills to do which will be nice...

Fangorn Forest


Today we have gone deep into Dan’s cave to an area called Fangorn Forest. It is about 2000’ into the cave and you have to drop down to 150’ for a bit so it is a long dive with some long deco stops on the way out. The dive was 120mins long and there was a lot of swimming to get there and back but it was amazing

Small Hope has two more cave certified dive masters. So a big congratulations to Joe and Antonio. Pin It Now!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Sex 'N' Pan a favorite of everybody..................Now you can enjoy it at home and the memory of Small Hope..............

Sex in the Pan
Crust:1 ½ cups Graham Cracker crumbs
2 tbsp Sugar
3 tbsp. Butter, melted

8 ounce Cream cheese
2 tbsp milk
1/3 cup sugar
2 ½ cups whip topping*
2 packages instant chocolate pudding 4 serving size (or any flavor)
3 ½ cups milk

Combine graham cracker crumbs, sugar and butter. Mix well and press into pan. Bake at 350F for 10 minutes. Cool completely. Blend cream cheese, milk, and sugar, until smooth. Whip up whip topping until of smooth consistency. Fold in half of the whip topping. Spread this mixture into crust. Mix the second milk with the pudding and blend until it thickens and of proper consistency. Spread evenly of cream cheese mixture. Spread remaining whip topping over pudding and put in fridge to set for 4 to 6 hours minimum. Garnish with grated chocolate or chocolate pieces.

*1 Large container of already prepared cool whip topping can be substituted and gives same result

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Big Congratulations!

Congrats to our return visitor, Dena!
On Saturday, Dec. 18th she was a lucky winner in a promotion to mark the 5 millionth visitor to The Bahamas for the year 2010. Her name was entered with other visitors from around the Bahamas Islands.

Dena was given a voucher for Androsia and a Small Hope Bay Lodge voucher to go towards her stay with us.

Dena and her family spent their second visit with us and we look forward to the next! Pin It Now!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sharptail Eel what a find!!!!

While on a dive at Liben's Point one of our many shallow dive site's, dive master Dennis was lucky enough to come across a very uncommon to rare fine here in the Bahamas, a Sharptail Eel.
The Sharptail Eel are relatively unafraid of divers, they usually hide in the day time and forage in the open at night. You more likely to find them anywhere from shallow grass beds to areas of rocky rubble to reefs. 
Below is a look at the Sharptail Eel in its natural habit do what they do.Pretty cool !!!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Breakfast wonderful breakfast

Breakfast at Small Hope!

Start the day with a hearty breakfast! Decisions, decisions…..fried or scramble eggs, pancakes or French toast, ham or bacon…maybe a little of everything! We also have fresh fruit, a range of cereals, toast and jam and there is always a pot of coffee brewing.

If you are feeling a little adventurous, ask for the Bahamian Breakfast Special!

“Chicken souse”  boiled chicken & vegetables in a lemony broth

“Corn beef & grits” (known as Fire Engine, by the locals) -corn beef with green peppers and tomatoes in a thyme sauce

“Stew conch” a thick soup with conch and potato

“Sardines & grits” the name says it all!

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bonefishing Andros Island Testimonial

Jim and Liz were visiting Small Hope recently and enjoyed a day of bonefishing with one of Small Hope fishing guides "Bonefish" Bradley and here are a few words about their day...............

Jim and Liz enjoying some bonefishing with guide Bradley
My wife Liz and I decided to do some bonefishing while at Small Hope Bay. Their guide is "Bonefish" Bradley Mackey. We both had a great time. Bradley puts you on the fish and then it's up to you! We both caught fish, thanks to him, and added another super experience to our stay at SHB! If you want bonefish, see Bonefish Bradley!

Jim & Liz Smith
Eureka, CA

Small Hope Bay Lodge is now a Orvis Certified Fishing Lodge!! Come and stay with us for your next fishing vacation.............. Pin It Now!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Family Vacation Time

Here at Small Hope we are always excite to welcome new guest and it was our pleasure of hosting the Mitchell family earlier in the new. Here are a few words from Jeff, Lisa, Katie and Abby...........

We arrived at Small Hope Bay Lodge as novice divers and after one week, we feel like seasoned veterans, from the professionalism and expertise of the dive staff, to the friendliness and attentive service of the entire Small Hope Bay family. Our first stay was wonderful and it won’t be our last!! Until next time, thank you for a relaxing and exhilarating vacation. We came away from Andros with irreplaceable memories and a new passion for diving!!!!

The Mitchell Family(Jeff, Lisa, Katie & Abby)

San Francisco, CA

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Androsia Testimonials from guest


Here at Small Hope we offer all guest the chance to experenice the Androsia Batik factory. Where you can have a lesson, a tour around the warehouse were all the Androsia Batik is made. We offer this tour 3 times a week in the afternoon.
Here are some coments from guest who have already experenice the Androsia tour:

“We went to Androsia because we thought it would be an easy way to pick up gifts. We only planned to spend 10 or 15 minutes in the boutique but ended up staying over a half hour! There are so many beautiful, colorful products to choose from. I would recommend this excursion to anyone!”

Elena Killgore
“I have been there before twice. The Killgore family (my family) brought 15 people with us this time. When I come back, I’m still going to use the little writing utensils and I hope they have the praying hands in the wax. I appreciate them doing this for me and my family and friends. I look forward to seeing the factory and the people next time I come. My experience has been wonderful every time I have come.”

Caitlin Killgore

“After three times of visiting the factory and store, the magic of creating my own cloth has not diminished in the least. Our creativity is unleashed by designing marine life and then choosing a color to have it dyed in. Also, the shopping gave me a chance to buy my own apparel to make me feel even more connected to the island.”

Kayla Combs

“The experience was unique and I would do it again. I learned the techniques of batiking and was intrigued by them. I hope I can do it again.”

Lynn, Faith, & Buddy Best

“We truly enjoyed our visit to the factory to learn the technique of batik. My daughter enjoyed learning and making her own creative piece of art. A wonderful group of people! We loved it!”

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Child Friendly Resort

Bring the kids!! The beach located in front of the cabins is a shallow beach, great for the kids! There is also a tidal pool at low tide which is fun to explore with little ones. We have 2 sandy, white beaches for sand castle making & splashing in the waves. There are sand toys and a wooden swing set on site. On the dock we have mask, snorkels fins, & life vest for all ages,  if your child is 6-9yrs, try a SASSY Dive. Our game room has toys, a climbing structure and a ping pong table.

Small Hope is like one big playground for kids-they are surrounded by nature.
Oh, did we mention COMPLIMENTARY babysitting every night from 6-8:45pm!

We look forward to meeting your family!

Check out our YouTube video of some children have some beach fun. 
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shark diving at Small Hope

The “Shark Emporium” Dive 
We do the Shark Dive in order to allow you to observe sharks, one of the most amazing and interesting animals of the ocean rarely seen up close in our area. Sharks have remained virtually unchanged for millions of years and have proven themselves a vital part of their environment. This dive will give you the change to better understand and respect shark behavior, as well as enjoy the thrill of watching them feed.
Reef Shark

One of the many sharks you will see

Making the chum
We have tried not to disrupt their nature as little as possible. At Small Hope Bay we use a chum ball method. A “Chum ball” consists of fish pieces frozen in salt water. Because the fish is frozen, as it melts it creates a “slow release” of the food. Using this slow release” method, sharks do not associate humans with the food. Although we are conditioning the sharks to a small degree by feeding them we feel we are not changing their behavior.When sharks feed they have a hierarchy. The sharks will swim calmly in and wait their turn; they usually feed one at a time off the chum ball. Some sharks may not even feed at all. The shark feed can last anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes depending on how long the chum ball lasts. Near the end, when the last piece of fish comes loose from the chum ball one of the sharks will try to snatch it. This action excites the other sharks creating a “Mad Dash” for the last piece of fish. The Dive masters will knock on their tanks when this time is close.

Sharks feeding on the chum


On the sand waiting for sharks

To start the dive you will sit in a sandy area in front of a large coral head in about 60 feet of water. You will relax and get comfortable as the Dive Masters bring the chum ball down. As soon as they bring the chum ball down they will give you a signal that you are free to swim around. It is asked that no one goes closer than 20 feet to, and never under the chum ball. you are welcome to swim around and on top. After the food is gone, and the sharks begin to disperse, you are free to roam the bottom and look for shark teeth. You can go back to the boat at any time you like.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Swiss, Polish, and Irish oh my!!

It is another beautiful day here at Small Hope Bay Lodge, and we are feeling like the United Nations! Over the past few weeks, we have hosted many guests from countries all over the world. They have been bonefishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, biking, sailing, birding, and probably most of all, enjoying the open bar! We have had:
Urs and Julia from Switzerland
Hamish from Australia
Derek and Dougie from Scotland
Mike from Ireland
Annalisa and Katerina from Greece
Karen Christian Delphine and Charlotte from the World of Tourism in France
Nick Bing Doug Nick and Mark from Canada
Ingrid and Reinhart from Germany
Oliver and Annie from France
Patrick and Flore from Belgium
Anders and Anette from Poland
It has been a lot of fun hosting all these different cultures and backgrounds, and it has been absolutely hilarious watching the competitive ping pong matches between each country! We hope to be fortunate enough to see many of these guests again, and we can’t wait to see all the new guests who will arrive for the Thanksgiving holiday!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Birthday Celebrations!!

Vicki, Kristi, Lisa, Connie and the gang!

This morning, we bid farwell to some great new friends. Over a decade ago, Lisa and Kristi visited Small Hope. Brought back by the smell of Conch Fritters, they invited Connie and Vicki down to meet us for Lisa's 50th birthday. They took advantage of all Small Hope has to offer: they did their Discover Scuba courses, ventured to the inland Blue Hole, made their own fabrics at the Androsia Factory, ate plenty of Renauldo's delightful desserts, traveled up to northern Andros, painted their faces for Halloween, snorkeled the shallows by the keys, hammocked themselves to sleep, drank with great company, and more! One of their favorite activites was Charades with Dennis; they taught him how, and now he's hooked for life! They had a great time, as did the staff. From tricking Kristi into thinking that we couldn't cook her favorite dessert to acting out the "Accidental Virgin" in Charades, their fun energy will be greatly missed, and we hope to see them again soon!
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Snorkeling at Small Hope..............

There are many places to snorkel around Small Hope; here are some descriptions of two of the more popular snorkel spots.

The Under and Around the Dock
The dock is a place of marine abundance and a great starting point for snorkelers, weather you are just learning to snorkel or are experienced. The dock is where the ruins of a previous dock is, which has been claimed as a home by an enormous variety of marine life. The dock and its surroundings are also delightful for a night snorkel. There is every chance you will see some Sergent Majors, Snappers, French Grunts, Barracudas and schools of sliver sides.

Sergent Majors


Silver sides
John Rock

John Rock

If the tide is high then snorkel out towards John Rock, south from the dock across the sand patch. Keep a look out for sting rays. Look into the crevices at the edge along John Rock and you could come across some needle fish, yellow goat fish and long spined urchin. Early morning and late afternoon is a good time to see southern stingray and spotted eagle rays.

Southern Sting Ray
Yellow Goat Fish
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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wedding Day!!

Nathan and Candice, the arc, the piggy
Bring on the flowers, the music, and the champagne! On October 30th, 2010, Small Hope had the pleasure of celebrating the union of Nathan and Candice Madden. They were wed on Small Hope’s southern beach, next to the walkway to the dock, surrounded by family and friends, in front of a beautiful handmade arc decorated with native flowers and palm leafs. The ceremony was performed by Reverend Newton Hamilton whose moving sentiments and rich wisdom cemented the couple’s heart-felt vows to one another. After the rings, pictures, toasts, and dancing, Nathan and Candice cut the cake. For dinner, we had an absolutely delicious roasted pork cooked in a pit on the beach to celebrate the happy couple. The partying commenced into the early morning, as expected. We at Small Hope are grateful that we could host such a magical wedding right on our “front lawn”. Whether it’s a wedding, renewal of vows, or a commitment ceremony, we’ll make it an unforgettable and moving experience, Small Hope style! 
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Friends from the Netherlands

Here at Small Hope we are lucky to meet so many differnet people from all walks of live and from all over the world. Renctly we meet Caterina, Annika & Michael from the Netherlands. Here are a few words from them in both English and in Dutch

Cabins right on the beach

After our first visit to SHB two years ago one thing was clear: we would return here. This time we, Caterina and Annika, also brought son and brother Michael along. On arrival we were truly welcomed as family members by everybody. A lot of the staff was still there and some of the staff was new, even from as far away as the UK and Australia. We settled in our cottage and took of our shoes for the rest of our stay.

We spent the days diving, eating well and socializing with everybody around, guests and staff. The dive staff is wonderful, the guests get to pick the dive site most of the time and everything happens in an extremely relaxed way. Always special are the night dives and the Shark Emporium. But also the shallow reef dives are our favourite because of its coral and lots of little fish. And the temperature of the water is just unbelievable.

Michael and Annika decided to go for their Advanced Open Water certification under the expert guidance of Loren. Caterina was too lazy to go for it but will consider it for the next time. It was our first time to dive Over the Wall and experience some nitrogen narcosis. Fortunately we were watched closely on this deep dive by the dive staff.

The evenings were fun, we got to know everybody in just a few days. The dinners from Denise and Michelle are so good, we will sorely miss them at home.

Michael started out at little tense because of his upcoming first year in college but had completely mellowed out by the time he left for school. Caterina and Annika got to stay another day.

On the last day we were invited to a lovely and intimate wedding on the beach carefully orchestrated by Jeff. We were happy to be part of that wonderful experience.

Back home in the Netherlands now all we can do is to plan our trip back to Small Hope Bay. Annika would actually just like to live there permanently as part of the dive staff!

Caterina Birthday

Dutch Version

Na ons eerste bezoek aan SHB twee jaar geleden was een ding duidelijk: we zouden hier terugkomen. Deze keer namen we, Caterina en Annika, ook zoon en broer Michael mee. Bij aankomst werden we door iedereen binnengehaald als familie. Veel medewerkers waren er nog, sommigen waren nieuw, zelfs vanuit GB en Australië. We betrokken onze cottage and trokken onze schoenen uit voor de rest van ons verblijf.

We brachten de dagen door met duiken, lekker eten en gezellig avonden met de gasten én de medewerkers. De duikinstructeurs zijn geweldig, de gasten mogen meestal de plek uitzoeken war gedoken wordt en alles gebeurt op een heel ontspannen manier. Altijd bijzonder zijn de nachtduiken en de Shark Emproium. Maar ook de ondiepe rifduiken zijn favoriet om het mooie koraal en de vele kleine visjes. En de temperatuur van het water is gewoon ongelooflijk.

Michael en Annika besloten hun Advanced Open Water certificaat te halen onder de deskundige leiding van Loren. Caterina was er te lui voor maar overweegt het voor een volgende keer. Het was onze eerste keer dat we Over the Wall doken en wat van de nitrogen narcosis meekregen. Gelukkig werd er door de duikinstructeurs goed op ons gelet bij deze diepe duik.

De avonden waren leuk. In korte tijd leerden we iedereen kennen. Het eten van Denise en Michelle is zo goed, dat gaan we thuis absoluut missen.

Michael startte de vakantie een beetje gestresst in verband met zijn aankomende eerste jaar in de universiteit maar hij was totaal relaxed tegen de tijd dat hij vertrok voor school. Caterina en Annika mochten nog een dag blijven.

Op de laatste dag werden we uitgenodigd om een kleine, intieme trouwerij op het strand bij te wonen, zorgvuldig geregeld door Jeff. Het was een bijzondere ervaring en waren blij dat we er bij mochten zijn.

Het enige wat we nu terug in Nederland kunnen doen is onze volgende reis naar SHB plannen. Als het aan Annika ligt gaat ze er voor goed wonen als duikinstructeur.

Caterina, Annika & Michael


What a view to wake up to
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Have your wedding at Small Hope Bay Lodge!!!

Romantic, Intimate, Tropical, All Inclusive,

Weddings right on the beach

These are only some of the words to describe Small Hope Bay Lodge which has been welcoming guests for 50 years. 
A quite moment together

Pronounce your love to one another with the warm sand beneath your feet, sway in a hammock while looking at the starlit sky, dive or snorkel on the Andros Barrier Reef, explore the land and seas in the sea kayaks, windsurf, sailboat or bicycles.

Home made flower arch

Come experience an intimate tropical wedding, romantic honeymoon or combine both for a fantastic weddingmoon!  Being a small resort with only 21 cottages, lets us provide you with the attention and details to ensure your wedding and honeymoon are nothing but unforgettable! 

A cake made just for you

Decorations made just for your special day

Whether it is excitement and adventure you want, or simply relaxation, Small Hope has something to offer for everyone!

Visit for more details
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First guest of the new season

We re-open on the 14 of October and our first guest arrive that morning. Dawn and Dirk from Glenwood IA who were here to dive and Dawn to finishes her PADI Open Water Certification. Here are a few words from Dawn and Dirk..............

Dawn and Dirk on the dive boat
Small Hope Bay has exceeded our expectations. The staff have become like family to us. I Dawn completed my PADI Open Water Certification while here and the dive staff made it loads of fun for me. We have enjoyed all our dives but especially the wall dive we did. You couldn't ask for more from the a dive resort it has exceeded any and all of our expectations. Thanks for a great time.

Dirk with the dive staff

Dawn with the dive staff
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nature Trails around Small Hope

Here at Small Hope we offer a variety nature walks. They are suitable for every age good.

Davis Creek

The walks offer a variety of different things to see, on the Davis Creek walk you will see The Australian Pine grove which is a little inland from the beach, you can snorkel at Davis Creek and see some of the fish species common among the mangroves and there is a deserted beach which is nice for a stroll and shell finding.

 We also have a Mangrove walk which will take up close and  personal with one of the most important ecosystems in the Bahamas. On this walk you might be able to observe some wading birds such as the Great Blue Heron, Little Blue Heron and you might have the opportunity to see some Mangrove Crabs.

In Land Blue Hole
 Within a nice walk or bike ride there is one of the many Inland Blue Hole's which are good for a refreshing fresh water swim or for a stroll around the edge.

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Friends from Scotland

We were luckly enough to have a visit from Nick, Tory, John and Lizzie from Scotland this summer and here are a few words from them about there stay here at Small Hope....

We originally came to Small Hope Bay Lodge only to snorkel, because Nick had seen the resort in 1000 Places to see before you die!

To begin with we were not sure if the children would enjoy it, but as it turned out we have all had a wonderful time.

The adults in particular liked the snorkeling, the food and the company. Lizzie (12) loved snorkeling, diving, Captain Bills Blue Hole and Rex Small Hope’s dog.

John (16) thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn to dive and the company in the evenings.

Nick, John, Lizzie & Tory Scotland UK Pin It Now!