Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jeff is Back and Kicking!!

 Jeff is Back and Kicking!!!

What started off as a simple and amazing family vacation, turned for the worst when our vehicle went off the side of a dark road, and crashed into a wall. Brian, my son, sustained minor injuries, while I shattered my tibia and fractured one of my cervical vertebrae

However, just as the kingsmen placed humpty dumpty back together, the amazing surgeons in Hawaii were able to put me back together as well. 
I am now on the road to recovery, and though my bones may have been broken, my spirit is still intact. I would like to thank you all for your words of hope and encouragement. They truly meant a lot to me. Small Hope is all we need when the going gets tough, and allows us to persevere!!!!

Love Always, 
Jeffrey Birch 

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Small Hope Bay Lodge and ANCAT Cans for Kids

Cans for Kids

Small Hope Partners w/ ANCAT

Recently Small Hope Bay, partnered with Andros Nature Conservancy and Trust to support Cans for Kids. Cans For Kids is a registered charity, formed in 1990 to organise the collection and recycling of aluminium cans in Cyprus. To encourage people to save their cans, it was decided to use the proceeds to purchase medical equipment for the children's wards at Cypriot hospitals. Today the organizations is global and organizes  the collection of cans in different regions the proceeds are used to help in local children related projects. The funds made from Small Hope Bay Lodge's will be donated to the Fresh Creek primary school, to help provide school supplies . 


 ANCAT & SHBL Shipping Cans to Nassau 

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Meridian School 2015 Graduating Class

Meridian School 2015 Graduating Class Visits Small Hope Bay!! 

For the past three years Lisa Goodie principal of the Meridian School located in Nassau, Bahamas has brought her graduating class to Small Hope Bay. This year the students enjoyed four days of adventure in Andros, exploring nature, hunting for crabs and enjoying the natural wonders of Andros, Island Bahamas. Check-out this video of their week at Small Hope Bay.  

Check out Small Hope Bay Rates or call our office Toll-Free: 800-223-6961 or Direct: 1-242-368-2014 

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Happy Independence Bahamas!

 Bahamas 42nd Independence

After 325 years of British rule, the Bahamas became independent on July 10th, 1973. The Birch family witness history as the Union Jack (British Flag) was slowly brought down, and the Bahamas flag hoisted. The colours each with a meaning; Black for the strength of the people, gold for the sun, and turquoise blue for the surrounding sea, represented the sovereignty of what would be become The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.  
It was a moving moment for all who witness and patriotism flowed in the blood of every man as they song the Bahamas National Anthem: March on Bahamaland.
Small Hope Bay played a pivotal role in the achieving of independence in the Bahamas. The first two secret conclaves of the Progressive Liberal Party (the party that led the Bahamas into independence) were held at Small Hope Bay Lodge. The activities of this meeting started a series of major historical events that would lead to Independence in 1973.

We would like to wish the Bahamas a Happy 42nd 
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Blast from the past

Small Hope Blast from The Past!!!

Recently we had a visit from a former dive master Mike Francis, and he gave us some photos that made us reminisce.

Small Hope Bay has always centered it's service around family,fun and adventure and we have held true to our core values from 1960 to now. It has been an incredible journey for the past 55 years of operations at Small Hope Bay Lodge, and we plan to keep you 'a part of the family' for many more years to come. 

Small Hope Bay Lodge. then, now, always!!!

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Island Hopping Package

Island Hopping Package!!!!

With over 700 islands and cays the Bahamas has so much to over, travelers seeking to have experience more than one destination is one destination. Small Hope Bay Lodge and Staniel Cay Yacht Club has teamed up to offer you an experience of a lifetime. One vacation two destinations, one country. 
Fly to Andros, and experience the wonderful world, of diving or a nice relaxing day fishing the flats, or just relaxing on a Hammock at Small hope Bay. Then skip on over to Exuma to see the swimming pigs and enjoy the turquoise blue waters of the Exuma Cays.  

The Island Hopping Package includes: 
  • Round-trip airfare between Fort Lauderdale, Andros and Staniel Cay
  • Beachfront accommodations and all-inclusive amenities at Small Hope Bay Lodge
  • Waterfront accommodations, private skiff and more at Staniel Cay Yacht Club.
Check out our Island Hopping Package on our website. 

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Small Hope Bay Waste to Cash Program

Small Hope Bay Waste-to -Cash Program!!

Recently we started a recycling program with students from the local communities, transforming wine bottles into drinking glasses. 

In the past Abba did the processing of the wine bottles, however the program discontinued for a while. We decided to develop a program that would help promote recycling among st the younger generation in the local community. The students visit Small Hope Bay Lodge  twice a week two hours per day, one hour is spent studying, and the other is spent processing wine bottles. 

In the upcoming months we plan to stock our boutique with recycled glasses, the students will receive the majority of the earnings from these sales. On your next visit to Small Hope Bay, ask about our Waste-to-Cash student program.  

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