Friday, July 10, 2015

Happy Independence Bahamas!

 Bahamas 42nd Independence

After 325 years of British rule, the Bahamas became independent on July 10th, 1973. The Birch family witness history as the Union Jack (British Flag) was slowly brought down, and the Bahamas flag hoisted. The colours each with a meaning; Black for the strength of the people, gold for the sun, and turquoise blue for the surrounding sea, represented the sovereignty of what would be become The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.  
It was a moving moment for all who witness and patriotism flowed in the blood of every man as they song the Bahamas National Anthem: March on Bahamaland.
Small Hope Bay played a pivotal role in the achieving of independence in the Bahamas. The first two secret conclaves of the Progressive Liberal Party (the party that led the Bahamas into independence) were held at Small Hope Bay Lodge. The activities of this meeting started a series of major historical events that would lead to Independence in 1973.

We would like to wish the Bahamas a Happy 42nd 
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