Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guided Tour of North Andros Island

We left Small Hope Bay Lodge and headed North towards Conch Sound (pictured above).
Along the way we were given information about the surrounding area and how the best part of Andros Island was for growing crops, where the citrus farm was, and where some
inland caves and blue holes were situated.
When we arrived at Conch Sound, which was about a 30 minute drive, we were told about the Blue Hole which is around 25-30 feet from shore and a very nice beach and picnic area.

Next stop was the highest point of Andros Island which is around 70 - 80 feet from sea level.
(Pictured below left). There was a little bit of a walk up a hill but nothing too strenuous, the view was well worth it.
We were off again and the next stop was to Captain Henry Morgan's pirates cave's where
legend has it he hid his treasure back in the 1600's to 1700's. Captain Morgan was, in his time, the
most feared man throughout the Caribbean and his treasure is still to be found.
The town Morgans Bluff, where the caves are located, was named after Captain Morgan. (Picture right)
On our way to the next stop we were told about the guardian of the forest, a Chickcharnie, which is half barn owl and half man the size of a leprechaun. If you laugh at the Chickcharnie, he will turn your head 180 degree's for life. If you befriend him, he will give you luck and a share of his gold which is in a nest between two strong pines.
Last stop of the tour was at an inland blue hole called Uncle Charley's Blue Hole. Blue Holes get there names from their perfectly round entrances and because there doesn't appear to be any bottom. A unique feature of the inland blue hole is the layer of fresh water that literally sits on top of the salt below. A very nice spot for a picnic and a jump in the blue hole. (Blue Hole pictured below)

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stefano and Rita's Visit

Recently we had Stefano and Rita here from Georgetown visiting. They both enjoyed there holiday and the diving, both completing there PADI Advanced Water Course. Here are a few words they had to say both in English and there native tongue Italian..........

Andros, an ancient name for a magical island! On the east coast, the Small Hope Lodge offers small hope to find buried treasures but large hope for an unusually relaxing atmosphere and a great vacation. We came here to dive the reported unusual geological features that include a wall 6000ft deep and a variety of caves.
We must say that our wishes were fully granted. The diving sites along the wall as well as in shallow water were amazingly preserved. Although the fish life was not as abundant as in other location in the Caribbean, the variety of soft coral, sponges and coral formations made each dive a Garden exploration, What makes diving at Small Hope unique however, is the fact that this is the only dive operation on this island and that the dive sites are unspoiled in contrast most other resorts that are too often over dived.
The other unique aspect of the Lodge is the management that has a long experience in dive instruction and can offer a broad spectrum of dives from discover scuba to technical cave diving, tailored to individual needs. In fact the guests in the resort ranged from seasoned divers craving for new experience, to family that wish to share with their children the amazing insights into nature that diving offers. All this is in a simple and unspoiled natural setting, with unique birds and plants, and at the same time the comfort of modern life.
But the most positive experience for us was the people that run the resort. On one side warm Bahamian that takes sincere pleasure to make you happy, from dive masters to gifted chefs. On the other side interesting “adventurers” from many different countries, that all share the passion for diving and diving instructions. It is no wonder that we had a true learning experience, with one of the last dives inside the amazing blue hole an unforgettable experience.


Andros, un antico nome per un magica isola, la piu grande e meno abitata delle Bahamas. “Small Hope Lodge”, situato sulla costa est di quest’ isola, offre poche speranze di trovare tesori di pirati nascosti ma grandi speranze di trovare un insolita atmosfera e una vacanza diversa dal solito. Siamo venuti a fare immersioni subacquee e scoprire l’insolito fondale marino che include una barriera corallina sul bordo di un abisso profondo 2000 metri, con tanto di grotte, caverne marine e altre formazioni geologiche.
Le nostre speranze si sono avverate pienamente. La barriera corallina e’ incontaminata, e anche se la quantita’ e varieta di pesci e’ minore che in altre localita’ dei Caraibi, la complessita dei coralli e della spugne fa di ogni immersione una visita a un giardino fantastico. Cio che rende Small Hope Lodge unico e’ il fatto che essendo la sola concessione per immersioni subacquee su una grande isola, ha una barriera corallina non sfruttata dall industria turistica.
L’altro aspetto che rende questo posto unico e’ la lunga esperienza dei gestori nell’insegnamento delle tecniche di immersione. Dai principianti ai semiprofessionisti c’e’ ne’ per tutti. Gli ospiti del Lodge sono esperti che cercano il brivido dell’immersione in grotta ma anche famiglie che desiderano avere un primo approccio con le bellezze naturali che le immersioni subacquee offrono. L’ambiente e’ all’insegna della semplicita’ ma anche del conforto.
Sia gli “Androsiani”, dai cuochi ai dive master, con il sincero desiderio di soddisfare l’ospite, che gli istruttori da tutto il mondo con passione per l’immersioni e l’insegnamento ci hanno offerto una esperienza positiva. Indimenticabile e altamente raccomandato e’ l’immersione nel “blue hole”.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Birthdays at Small Hope

Birthdays at Small Hope Bay Lodge

Are always a special occasion.

This last month we have had several birthday’s. First was KC-who was visiting for a wedding,

then we had intern Davis’s birthday -who’s family was here for a return fishing and diving stay, then we had Jim- who was here with his wife Lyndale for a return diving holiday.

Birthdays at Small Hope always go off with a bang, a cake

and the staff singing happy birthday beautifully out of tune with the guests just for you!!!!

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Father and son Bonefishing

Repeat guests, John and Michael, father and brother to our intern Davis, went out for 3 days of bonefishing with in house guide Jeff.C. Clear and sunny skies made for great days fishing!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Returning family to Small Hope Bay Lodge

We have just had a return visit from Susan, Dave and their daughter Morgan who spent the week exploring the tongue of the ocean and relaxing.
Here are a few words from them.......

We started coming to Small Hope Bay Lodge in 1997. Every time we plan our next dive trip , Small Hope Bay Lodge keeps drawing us in. There is no commercialism, just nature. Every dive brings new adventures and sights. Every trip brings new friends. Morgan, our 8 year old did her first SASY dives and talks about coming back so she can become a certified diver!
One thing that never changes is the relaxation, hospitality, the genuine care by the staff for the ocean, the reef, all the guests and feeling like part of the family. Small Hope is a place to enjoy the beauty of the Bahamas and Andros. We are already planning our next trip."
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Levine Group

We recently had Dr. Jay Levine and his dive group from Charlottesville, VA spend a week with us exploring our seas and they are now officially part of the Small Hope "family!"

The staff, the food and the dive operation were wonderful....We had a great time and will certainly think about returning....
Dr. Jay Levine
Dive Group Leader
June 2010
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Welcome new dive staff

We would like to welcome Aidan from Scotland by way of Thailand. A PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. Joe from the United Kingdom with worldly experience. Mel his partner who is on a fast track to be a underwater videographer. Of course Loren and Dennis are still here and Moose but is threatening to leave to be with the one he love's.

We also have a special on right now book before 2nd August 2010 for 4 nights or more and stay before the 22nd of December and you'll receive FREE roundtrip from Nassau to Andros AND additional 5% off your stay. Now that sounds good hope to see you all soon.

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