Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guided Tour of North Andros Island

We left Small Hope Bay Lodge and headed North towards Conch Sound (pictured above).
Along the way we were given information about the surrounding area and how the best part of Andros Island was for growing crops, where the citrus farm was, and where some
inland caves and blue holes were situated.
When we arrived at Conch Sound, which was about a 30 minute drive, we were told about the Blue Hole which is around 25-30 feet from shore and a very nice beach and picnic area.

Next stop was the highest point of Andros Island which is around 70 - 80 feet from sea level.
(Pictured below left). There was a little bit of a walk up a hill but nothing too strenuous, the view was well worth it.
We were off again and the next stop was to Captain Henry Morgan's pirates cave's where
legend has it he hid his treasure back in the 1600's to 1700's. Captain Morgan was, in his time, the
most feared man throughout the Caribbean and his treasure is still to be found.
The town Morgans Bluff, where the caves are located, was named after Captain Morgan. (Picture right)
On our way to the next stop we were told about the guardian of the forest, a Chickcharnie, which is half barn owl and half man the size of a leprechaun. If you laugh at the Chickcharnie, he will turn your head 180 degree's for life. If you befriend him, he will give you luck and a share of his gold which is in a nest between two strong pines.
Last stop of the tour was at an inland blue hole called Uncle Charley's Blue Hole. Blue Holes get there names from their perfectly round entrances and because there doesn't appear to be any bottom. A unique feature of the inland blue hole is the layer of fresh water that literally sits on top of the salt below. A very nice spot for a picnic and a jump in the blue hole. (Blue Hole pictured below)

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