Sunday, August 1, 2010

Luz and Mike Diving Couple

We were lucky enough to met Mike and Luz Lyons. They stayed with us for a week and here are a few words from them about there stay here..............

After 9/11 I had been promising my wife Luz that we would take a vacation, just the two of us, to a warm, romantic location where we could re-connect. It took me nine years of deployments, promises, patience and searching to finally have the opportunity and location to fulfill those promises. Small Hope Bay and Lodge was the realization of our dreams. The location on Andros Island was easy to get to from Nassau; a short 15 minute flight on Le Air. When we arrived at the resort from the airport we knew it was going to be special. We were met by Bruna who gave us a tour of the resort culminating at our cottage. The view of the bay and the proximity to the water was an instant attraction for us. The beaches were long, secluded and beautiful; the water was warm, clear and refreshing.

The staff and the dive masters were friendly, sociable and professional. We opted to dive every day and since we hadn’t dove in 10 years took our dive refresher with Antonio, a Dive Master from the Small Hope Bay Lodge and Resort staff. His instruction was first rate; professional, patient and thorough. The next day we were out with the rest of the guests diving the blue, clear waters of the bay.

Small Hope Bay Lodge and Resort has over 60 dive sites with plenty to see and do at each location. The coral and aquamarine life is superb and the instructors are with you every moment providing safety, supervision yet with enough freedom to enjoy and explore all that each site has to offer. In the evenings they spend dinner with you reviewing the day’s events, planning for tomorrows and just socializing to get to know each guest while you get to know them.

We spent a week at Small Hope Bay Lodge and Resort. The week went by too fast; we felt we had been there a day instead of six. We are already planning our next trip! The cabins are clean, simple and well organized. The food is good, well prepared and presented. The Lodge is clean, tasteful and inviting. The island life of simplicity, relaxation and warmth is reflected in the d├ęcor, the food and the staff. One can easily loose themselves in such conditions.

Small Hope Bay Lodge and Resort is an all inclusive location. They do all they can to make your desires a reality. When Luz and I wanted fresh fruit they provided us with fresh watermelon, oranges, and mangos. When we asked for ice tea instead of alcohol or soft drinks it was prepared and ready for us each day.

The diving was world class with world class sites and staff. Mike, Moose, Aidan, Dennis, Antonio, and Joe brought the experience to life. The Bahama Islands didn’t have to do anything but be beautiful and accessible to us.

I highly recommend Small Hope Bay Lodge and Resort to anyone who wants to get away and enjoy the beauty of the Bahamas. It is perfect for that couple who wants to re-connect or that family who wants to dive together and open up the world of Open Water Diving to their children. No matter what you choose, the Small Hope Bay Lodge and Resort will make those dreams come true; like they do ours. Thank you Small Hope Bay Lodge and Resort!

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