Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dinner Time

Dinner time at Small Hope Bay Lodge is always a fun occasion, especially when the Lodge is full of repeat guests! Here's a video of Chef Michelle making the dinner announcement and reacquainting herself with some of our guests!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Secret Messages

It's not an unusual thing for families to come to Small Hope Bay Lodge year after year at the same time. Kids grow up together, spending a week each year hanging out and catching up.

Sam and Caroline started a fun tradition with the kids they met here at SHBL and hang out with every year. It all started with a coconut and ended up being notes left in a certain book on a certain page. Starting in 2006, Sam, Caroline and friends made a memory page and stuck it in this book (which we won't divulge to preserve their game). Each year they find the book in the library and leave a new note.

Here is a picture of Sam and Caroline with their little legacy of memories...

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day and MTV Canada

Earth Day is on April 22nd and MTV Canada came to Small Hope Bay Lodge to take a look at eco-tourism and the consequences of humanity's interaction with the coral reef. Look out for our spot on MTV Canada on Wednesday!

Divemaster Amanda was interviewed by the host, AJ, about diving, sharks and what Earth Day means to her.

For all our non-Canadian friends, we'll post the clips as soon as we have them.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Girls Week Out

Anne Marie and Nancy Martel brought their two daughters, Courtney and Zoey, along with grandma Annie to SHBL for a week packed full of activity! They went diving, snorkeling, fishing and on a land tour! Zoey even got a chance to direct part of the episode of UFO Hunters that was filming on location at Small Hope.

Here's what Nancy had to say about SHBL:

Small Hope Bay Lodge - what a wonderful place to sit back, relax, dive, snorkel, take an island tour, see the Blue Hole, read a book and let the kids run free safely! Awesome staff and food. It truly is a one of a kind place! Pin It Now!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter at Small Hope Bay Lodge

Easter morning dawned beautiful and clear on April 12th. It was so gorgeous that all the divemasters at the Lodge wanted to go diving Over The Wall. Jeff decided to dive, then Mike wandered out to the dock and decided to hop on the boat, and even though we only had three divers, Divemasters Loren, Amanda and Ash talked their way onto the boat instead of doing dock duty. It was our unofficial office Easter party!

It's a good thing we worked up our appetites because Renauldo and guest chef Scott had THIRTY desserts waiting for us at the annual Easter feast. From Baked Alaska to chocolate dipped strawberries, Gran Marnier chocolate cake and Renauldo's famous Guava Dough, everyone had their fill and went to bed stuffed!

Earlier in the day, the children hunted for Easter candy that the adults had hidden. We think the adults had more hiding than the kids did seeking!

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LIghts! Camera! Action!

It was only a matter of time before Hollywood discovered the pristine beaches of Small Hope Bay Lodge and realized that the Lodge would make a perfect shooting location. The last few weeks have been a busy time for us, not only because of Spring Breaks and Easter, but because we have hosted two television crews filming on location at SHBL.

Destination Truth, a cryptozoology show on the Sci Fi channel, spent two days diving and exploring one of the mythological creatures that is reputed to live on Andros. We're not going to tell which one because we don't want to spoil the surprise. Look for our episode on Season Three of Destination Truth, coming in September! Destination Truth is on the Sci Fi Channel, Wednesday nights at 10pm.

The History Channel's UFO Hunters stayed for nine days this past week, also diving and exploring the island. The crew managed to get in some snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking and a little bit of a sailing adventure! Again, we can't talk about the content of the show but a lot of the interviews were done on the beaches around the Lodge and on the outside patio. Mike Hornby will be interviewed on the show and Divemaster Amanda may make a cameo appearance!

There is less of a wait for this show -- our episode will air in May or June. Check out UFO Hunters, Wednesday nights at 10pm on the History Channel!

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Fishing Heaven

Harry Feldman brought five of his friends down to SHBL to do some fishing. Did they ever go fishing! Deep sea and bonefishing galore -- the boys came back tired and satisfied every day with stories to tell over cold Kaliks. Not all of the stories were "fish stories" since one of the boats brought back enough mahi mahi to feed the guests, who were delighted with the sashimi prepared by Renauldo.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

40 Years Later

40 years ago, scuba diving was in its infancy and diving lodges were few and far between. Bill and Jean from Canada loved diving and everything that came with it and made it down to Small Hope Bay Lodge in 1969 to do some diving -- double hosed regulators and all! They came to the Lodge for three consecutive years and then spent forty years away from Andros - raising six children and living in happy matrimony (53 years and counting!)

Bill and Jean decided to vacation back in time this year and came back to SHBL for a two week stay. Besides enjoying the sun and sitting by the fire reading their books, they told guests and staff alike stories about how the Lodge was forty years ago, when Jeff and Margo were just tykes and our fearless founder, Dick, was doing wonderful things for the sport of diving.

And from what we gathered, things haven't changed much! We are still a family friendly, eccentric and fun way to get away from it all! Pin It Now!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ode To Small Hope

Banded sea, impossible greens
A sky, too blue
Breezes without a compass
Leaves that rattle
Bleached sand
Seaweed wrapped around toes
Burrs that stick for a painful moment to feet
Gaudy fish
Hungry birds
Lazy dogs
Cooks who smile
Food that pleases
Conversations that satisfy
Not changing
Going away

-Tom Cuni Pin It Now!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Girl Power

In 2008, Kathleen Scutchfield had so much fun staying at SHBL with her friends, John and Kay, that this year she brought her daughter, Sarah, along with her. Sarah, a recent college graduate, was happy to accompany her mom and hang out on the beach in the Bahamas for a week. Both mom and daughter spent a lot of time underwater off the dive boat and they also took time to have a girls' luncheon and get massages. It's fun to be a girl!

Kathleen said, "Another stellar vacation at Small Hope! Perfect diving, fabulous staff, great guests - can't wait for this time next year!" Pin It Now!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Small Hope Bay Lodge joined in Earth Hour 2009 to show our support for the fight against climate change. On March 28 at 8:30, we shut down all the power in the Lodge and had our after dinner drinks the old-fashioned way -- by candlelight. Without the radio to entertain us, guests took up the challenge by playing guitar, Scrabble and having spirited conversation around the dinner table.

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