Monday, April 24, 2017

Easter at Small Hope

Another fantastic holiday at Small Hope Bay Lodge!

This Easter we had a great day, including an Easter Egg Hunt, a sunny day with diving and relaxing, and a superb feast with roast pig, lobster, ribs, duck, and more desserts than we could count.

See for yourself . . .

And come and spend your holidays here with us! Every day is wonderful, but the big feast holidays are US Thanksgiving (the next in the lineup), Christmas, New Years Eve, and Easter. Holidays usually get booked early so make your reservations today!

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Great Food, Great Vacation!

One of the most important things about vacations . . . . GREAT FOOD. 

At Small Hope Bay Lodge, our all inclusive menu is always fresh, always homemade. We use local produce and locally caught fish. We bring a wide variety of cuisine for all tastes and have plenty of options, so everyone can enjoy delicious food!

Here are some of the reasons our guests can get enough of our tasty meals:

Our Breakfast Rocks!
We offer a great continental breakfast - Bagels and breads,with cream cheese and other spreads; fresh fruit; 5 fruit juices; 4 types of cereal and milk; yogurt; coffee and tea. And we offer a great hot breakfast to order too - eggs any style; omelets; french toast; pancakes; bacon; ham; sausage; and a different Bahamian style breakfast each morning which can be corned beef and grits, or chicken souse, or steamed conch and grits, etc.

Lunches are Awesome! Our lunches are almost all
served on our ocean-side dining patio. They include all kids of sandwich fixings - various types of bread, several cold cut meats, cheeses, lettuce, tomato, and onions; three different types of salad - a garden salad, a caesar salad, and a salad of the day which is always fresh and tasty; and a hot entrees and sides which change daily and can include pulled pork sandwiches, turkey pot pie, Bahamian pork and dumpling stew, chicken wings, and many more. And lunch wouldn't be complete without dessert! At least three different types of dessert, fresh out of the oven, like pies, cookies, cakes, parfaits, and many, many more!

Cocktail Hour is Amazing! At an all inclusive resort, cocktail hour can last all day if you want. But starting at 6 pm we start bringing out appetizers. We offer chips (pita or corn) and various dips like salsa, hummus, guacamole, or spinach dip. We have a fresh vegetable platter with all kinds of beautiful and colorful veggies and cheeses. And then (drumroll) . . . our mouth-watering conch fritters. Careful, they are addictive!

Dinner is Spectacular! Typically served on our seaside patio, our talented kitchen
staff offer an ever-changing menu with the freshest ingredients. Every night there are options for soup, three types of salads, a vegetable dish, a starch, a meat, and a seafood option. Menus can include things like bacon-wrapped shrimp, grilled mahi mahi, jerk ribs, cracked conch, grilled lobster, grilled steak, steamed broccoli, roasted peppers, orzo pasta salad, garlic roasted potatoes, eggplant Parmesan, roasted vegetable soup, cream of mushroom soup, or on those special nights . . . roasted suckling pig! And don't forget the desserts again! More sweets like key lime pie, bread pudding, creme brulee,  pineapple upside down cake, cheesecakes, or a Bahamian favorite guava duff

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Dolphins playing with the boat . . .

It's been a great month for divers at Small Hope!

First they got a rare glimpse of a whale while diving one of our caver sites. Then, just a few days ago, a pod of dolphins played with the dive boat on it's way out for the first dive of the day. Great video of the pod. The dolphins look like they're having a blast . . .

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Whale Spotted on Dive!

It was definitely a special dive at Diana's Dungeons the other day! Our divers had the very rare pleasure of spotting a whale on their dive. The gentle giant passed right over them!!! Check out the video . . .

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Working Out and Staying Fit on Vacation!

Vacation can be a tricky time for staying fit. Eating lots of delicious food, basking in the sun, and sleeping in make keeping your healthy routine difficult.

Thankfully it is still possible to stay healthy, even when you are enjoying your holidays! At Small Hope Bay Lodge we offer lots of ways to keep active and eat healthy.

We have several activities - from scuba diving, snorkeling, nature walks, kayaking, paddleboarding, and beach combing - to keep you moving and having a blast at the same time.

We have an outdoor body weight fitness area, complete with a pull up station, dip station, and ab station, plus some wonderful suggestions and instructions for all fitness levels written up by a professional fitness trainer.

And we have a wonderful kitchen who, while also preparing some of the more naughty food items like conch fritters, cookies, and pie, also cook tasty and healthy options at every meal! At breakfast there are healthy options like yogurts, fruits, cereals, whole wheat bread, and the chefs can make you a poached or boiled egg, or egg white omelets!

For lunch, in addition to several sandwich options as well as a hot meal choice of the day, we also offer garden salad, Caesar salad, and a special salad that changes daily. And at dinner, there are 3 salads to choose from every night, in addition to a soup, vegetables, and a meat and seafood option which can often be freshly-caught grilled fish or grilled lobster tails!

Stay fit, have fun, eat well!
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Renovations at Small Hope . . .

Here at Small Hope, there is a strong sense of tradition. We first opened our doors in 1960, and have been welcoming guests ever since then. We are a small, rustic, beach-front resort and we have no intention of getting bigger.

But we do want our cottages to be bright, beautiful, and comfortable for our guests!

This is why we have begun a property-wide renovation. We have completed one cabin - our "Honeymoon cabin" - and have a couple more almost finished. We hope to have all completed updated by the end of the year!

We are making some small changes here and there, but there are a few things that will never change:

  1. All our furniture is made right here
  2. All our fabrics are homemade right here on Andros at the Androsia Batik Factory
  3. Using natural and recycled materials, like the invasive casuarina pine we've cut from the property
  4. Our atmosphere of comfort and relaxation
See our beautiful upgrades . . .

We'll keep posting more as the cabins are completed!
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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

New Bonefishing Regulations in the Bahamas . . .

The Bahamas Government has recently implemented new regulations regarding bonefishing. These regulations are effective as of January 9th, 2017. Some of the points include the following:
Cost of License: Day License (valid day of issuance only) - $15.00; Weekly License - $20.00; Monthly License - $30.00; Annual License - $60.00.
  • All anglers over the age of 12 will need a license to fish. 
  • These regulations will require all persons using the flats, such as guides anglers and DIYs to have a license issued by the Department of Marine Resources in New Providence, or the Family Island Administrators in the Family Islands and soon the licenses will be issued online
  • All guides are expected to be certified over time by the Ministry of Tourism and the Department of Marine Resources, in conjunction with approved fly fishing associations in The Bahamas.
  • Bahamian certified fishing guides must be used if two (2) or more anglers are fishing in the flats by means of a vessel (skiffs, etc.)
  •  Only Bahamian-registered vessels will be allowed on the flats.
  •  Only Bahamians will be allowed to work as guides.
  •  Do-It-Yourselfers or DIYs will not need a fishing guide.
  •  No commercial fishing will be allowed on the flats.
  • The fishery covered by these regulations include bonefish, tarpon, cobia, and permit.
  • The fines and penalties as set out in the regulations will be strictly enforced.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Online Application & Payment Process is not yet set up.  Small Hope Bay Lodge will purchase the fishing license on behalf of our guests prior to arrival until this process is fixed.

Please see or the pages for more details. Or contact us at  or 800-223-6961 with any questions you may have on these new regulations. They are new to us too, but we will help find the answers for you!

And don’t forget, Andros is the bonefishing Capital of the World so book one of our great all inclusive Fishing Packages with us and let us handle everything!

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