Friday, February 12, 2016

The Incredible Blue Holes of Andros Island . . .

Rainbow Blue Hole
Andros Island, Bahamas is know for many things - great scuba diving, world-class bonefishing, tons of bird species, etc. One of the things we are also known for are the many blue holes we have here! We have both inland and ocean blue holes, and we have hundreds of them. Some are good for diving, including cave diving, some are great for swimming, and many are so tough to get to we'll probably never know very much about them.

Diving the Ocean Blue Hole
At Small Hope we offer many opportunities to see and experience the blue holes of Andros. We have our very popular dive at the Ocean Blue Hole, a.k.a. King Kong's Blue Hole. We offer several specialty dives to inland blue holes to do some cave diving, such as Stargate, or the Guardian. And we also offer our more terrestrial guests tours and trips to inland blue holes like Rainbow, Cousteau's and Captain Bill's Blue Hole.

So many ways to see these incredible geological creations . . . What's your favorite blue hole?

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Fly Free from Nassau - Limited Time Offer!!!!

We are still running our fly free special. The offer ends in a week so hurry up and make reservation before February 15th!!!!!

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Friday, February 5, 2016

The Bonefishing Capital of the World!!!

If you are a serious fly fisherman there is a very good chance you have already heard about Andros Island. This is place to be for bonefishing. This large island, with our giant bights running through, and so many ocean flats to choose from, is ideal for the sport! Not to mention you probably won't see another soul around, just you and your guide all day!

This type of fishing is known for the challenge. Bonefishing is what we call "active hunting". This means you spot the fish (difficult to do since they camouflage so well with the water and sand), then you have to cast the fly just right (you can't cast it too far or the fish won't see it, but it can't be too close or the fish will spook); then, if the fish chooses to bite it is pound for pound one of the best fights you'll get!

It's no wonder bonefishermen are so passionate about it. Here are some Bonefish Facts.

We offer great packages for all levels of fishermen, and we have lots of different fishing spots to choose from. Check out our checklist of what to bring on your fishing trip.

Small Hope Bay Lodge is unique because we offer a multitude of fishing opportunities for beginners and experts alike. But we also offer activities (and inactivities) for other members of your group who may not want to bonefish all day!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

We love our repeat guests!!!!

It's been over 55 years since we first opened our doors at Small Hope and we are still going strong. Over the past 5 decades we have had the most amazing people come and stay with us. And many of them enjoyed their stay so much they came back over and over through the years!

To say thank you to the guests who come back to us we started designing t-shirts for our repeat guests. We do a new one each year and every time a guest returns they get a new shirt! The back of the shirt is always different, but the front always says the same thing - "I am part of the family!"

We now have so many years of doing this we started hanging up the past shirts in our Games Room. Do you see yours? Do you have a repeat shirt that is not hung up here? If so, send us either the shirt or a high res photo of the back so we can display it!!!!!

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Monday, January 25, 2016

So long Casaurinas! Hello Sustainability!

Teva and Rob
We at Small Hope Bay Lodge continue our march toward greater sustainability. We make a constant and continuous effort in our practices here to improve our planet and protect this beautiful, and fragile ecosystem.

One of those efforts is to remove invasive plant species, such as the Casuarina Pines (also known as Australian Pine). These trees are pretty but their root system causes excessive erosion. We have removed a significant number of these trees from our North beach already.

And we recently had a guest from Winnipeg, Canada, and a talented and professional arborist, come for another visit and train our own Teva Kurth on how to properly remove these types of trees. A big thanks and round of applause to Rob and his wife, Stacy, who, in between dives and vacation relaxation, assisted and trained in removing some awkwardly placed trees. 

We even cut (and ensured it won't grow back) our giant Casuarina by our outside patio. We'll need some ideas of what to do with its skeleton - carving? firewood? decorate with fairy lights? 

See what a difference it makes . . . 

We are also planting local shrubs and ground cover, in addition to more coconut palms, which will help retain our beach and prevent erosion. Stay tuned for more of our plans for a more sustainable resort and future . . . 


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Friday, January 22, 2016

Our Specialty Dive - 2nd Level of the Blue Hole!

An amazing adventure. An unforgettable experience. 

At Small Hope we offer some truly unique diving experiences. From jaw-dropping walls, to inland blue holes. Check out our video of our dive at 2nd Level of the Blue Hole (a.k.a. King Kong's Blue Hole) for an amazing cavern experience with some beautiful rock formations. See our website for more details . . . 

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Monday, January 18, 2016

The Wonderful Nature and Birding Tours at Small Hope!

Nature? - check! Birding? - check! Island history? - check! We have tours for everyone here at Small Hope! Our extensive list of tours offered include (but are not limited tot) the following:

  • Our most popular Blue Hole Tour - a half day tour that visits Rainbow Blue Hole, Maidenhair Coppice, Cousteau's Blue Hole, and Captain Bill's Blue Hole; 
  • West Side Story - an full day trip by boat to the West Side of Andros Island. Great for nature and bird lovers alike!
  • Kayak Tour of Davis Creek - a half day tour exploring the mangrove and creek right in our backyard. The tour ends with some snorkeling at the mouth of the creek.
  • Birding Tour - Half or whole day guided tour to various spots nearby where our guides have spotted many varieties of birds.
 And speaking of birding guides . . . Our very own Dennis Burrows has completed his Bahamas National Trust/Audubon Bird Guide Training and is now an Audubon certified Bird Guide! Congratulations Dennis!!!!! We have known for some time of his great nature guide skill. We are proud of him on his certification!!!
Come and go on a tour with him to see for yourself!

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