Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Check out Small Hope Bay Lodge on the Real Bahamas webisode on Andros Island! We always knew that Andros was the place to be for diving, snorkeling, eco-tours and world class bonefishing. Now the rest of the world can see it too!

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Signature dives only at SHBL

The picture above describes it all. The photographer, Loren Kearny, who is also a part of the dive staff, named this shot "A Diver's Endless Summer". It was taken this month at Diana's Dungeons. A dive signature to Small Hope Bay Lodge, where there are spectacular swim-through caverns on a false wall of a variety of soft coral, as well as amazing red encrusting algae found on the inside of all of the swim-throughs. A diver can wind their way through these wide and well-lit caverns, and expect to see large numbers of silver sides as well as the fish that eat them, like Bar Jacks and Yellowtail Snapper.

This 90ft dive, originally got its name because all the twisted swim-throughs reminded our one-time head dive master of his girlfriend's mind. Regardless of how this site got it's name, Diana's dungeons has quickly become a guest favorite.
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

SHBL hosted “Ulysse Travel Magazine” journalist

Elisabeth, a journalist from the popular French Travel Magazine “Ulysse Mag” visited Small Hope Bay Lodge during a trip through several Bahamian Islands. Throughout the duration of her stay Elisabeth and her husband, Jean-Francois, enjoyed relaxing and snorkeling some of our local spots. You can find “Ulysse Mag” website here.

“ I’ll try to explain (with my bad English): people are very nice, Andros is a wonderful island with a lot of different places very interesting to explore. I trust Jeff for keeping the philosophy of Small Hope Bay and I thank him for the organization I needed…and the tranquility of the hammocks!” –E.B. Pin It Now!

Celebrating Father’s Day at Small Hope Bay Lodge

Two father-daughter couples visited Small Hope Bay Lodge last weekend. Win and Helen, who are long-term repeat guests, and Brad and Laurie, who are new to the Small Hope Bay family, all celebrated Father’s day by diving and relaxing together.

“My first time here was in 1965 and I find it gratifying that after Dick was quoted: ‘the only immutable law in life is change’. He has left a place that was great to start and has not changed. We had a ball and will be back. I always come back!” -Win Robinson

“This is my 4th trip to Small Hope Bay and I can’t wait to come back again. It’s so nice that it never changes. The people treat you like family and the diving is phenomenal. See you in 2010!” - Helen Ambuge

“I found the diving experience here to be wonderful, rewarding and unique. I’m just sorry I didn’t learn about SHBL sooner than this year; I would have visited many times before now.” -Brad Frederic

“We have had such a fabulous time – the diving is simply magnificent! The dive crew has the perfect approach, just enough care and concern. But they allow you more freedom than any other dive operations I’ve experienced. This place is truly special, unique and magical!! Thank you, Thank you!” -Laura Frederic Pin It Now!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Family Celebrates a 40th Anniversary here at Small Hope Bay Lodge

The Napiers’ and Gilbrides’ family of 10 came down to vacation at Small Hope Bay Lodge to celebrate Bob and Ruth’s 40th anniversary. The ages ranged from 4 and a half to 67 and the whole family enjoyed snorkeling, diving, and quality time together here at Small Hope.

“This trip was a surprise for me – and what a wonderful surprise! Beautiful – great for kids – lots of fun. A great place for our family – grandparents, parents, children – we are celebrating our 40th anniversary and what a celebration!” - Ruth Napier

“So family friendly – all ages – from 67 to age 4. Not only a fabulous setting but the ‘team’ is great and friendly.” - Bob Napier

“What a comfortable place you have here! Our family celebration (40th anniversary) allowed our ages to enjoy fun in the sun, water and being together. The staff is great at making everyone feel at home – food is great, drinks are flowing, kids are all smiles – Thank you for a great time!” - Scott Gilbride

“We have had a fantastic week at Small Hope Bay Resort! Everyone here is super nice and helpful. We couldn’t have asked for a better vacation… boat rides, snorkeling, beach time, Blue Hole, wonderful meals, lots and lots of laughs, crab hunts, and much R&R – Thank you for everything!!”
“P.S. The babysitters were something our children looked forward to every night! A major PLUS!” - Charlotte Gilbride

“Eight days ago, I was simply alive. Seven days in Andros, and now I can dive. The sand, the drinks, the food and the fun in the water. Family Loren, Amanda, Tayna and Danielle, thank you for a trip we will always remember so dear. Bob, Jane Liz and I hope to see you another year!!” - Kristin Napier

“The smile on everyone’s face tells the story…from staff, to dogs, to four year olds. Thanks for a wonderful set of days in the sun. A first time diver, it looks like more adventures here. Cheers to tailing bonefish at low tide.” - Bob Napier Pin It Now!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Getting Ready for a beautiful summer at Small Hope Bay Lodge

With the weather already reaching highs of 87 degrees, it’s not hard to guess the beautiful summer we’ll have at Small Hope Bay Lodge! Future guests can get ready for signature dive sites at Brad’s Mountain, where it’s uncommon to not run into a shark or two. Or going on the edge or over on a wall dive. Watching Sharks eat a delicious chum ball for lunch at the Shark Emporium. Or diving in King Kong’s Blue Hole, where the tongue of the ocean plunges to 6,000ft. You can expect there will be many dive trips to these favorites or find your own favorite with more than 60 dive sites around the island.
It’s also been perfect weather for many guests to enjoy other activities such as bone fishing, or one of our many nature walks around Andros Island.
Feeling adventurous, take a hike up to one of our inland Blue Holes, and experience weightlessness while diving in the Fresh Water.
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First visit, but not last for Bayless Family

Joe and the girls have been here before..... Now the whole family came.... They did just about everything! They went diving, fishing and nature touring. Jen and Sophie both had learned to dive here and then became certified. They are the diving, fishing, nature family!!! We look forward to seeing them again soon.

"My husband and 2 daughters first visited Small Hope Bay 3 years ago. At the time my husband and oldest daughter were both scuba certified. Our youngest daughter was 11. She did her scuba certification classroom work before arriving at Small Hope Bay and completed her certification open water dives with the professional dive staff at Small Hope Bay. My family had such an incredible time with the Small Hope family and guests that when asked where they wanted to go for vacation this year, they stated “Small Hope Bay”!!!!!
I was able to join them this year and we had an incredible time. We spent the majority of the time scuba diving the amazing sites. In a week, doing an average of 3 dives a day, we did not go to the same site twice. The dive staff is very professional and we felt comfortable letting our daughters go diving without us a couple of times.

We spent 2 days bone fishing as well and had a wonderful experience. Andros has some of the best bone fishing in the world.

If you want a relaxing, comfortable, enjoyable vacation, Small Hope Bay is the place. We plan on returning in the next 2 years!"
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Small Hope Bay Lodge welcomes Miss Universe 2008, Dayana Mendoza

On June 9th, Small Hope Bay Lodge had the pleasure of hosting Dayana Mendoza, Miss Venezuela and winner of Miss Universe 2008. Dayana was here to promote the 2009 Miss Universe competition being held this August in Nassau. Dayana spent the morning with Small Hope’s staff, Mike and Danielle, who took her on her first dive ever. Dayana could not have been more thrilled after her dive at Central Park, one of the many dive spots signature to Small Hope Bay Lodge. After she dried off, Dayana visited The Androsia Factory, where she made her very own Androsia print fabric and bought a couple of items in the boutique. You may see the Androsia fabric featured in the 2009 Miss Universe competition this August. Pin It Now!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Leaving Memories at SHBL

After four amazing days of diving, snorkeling and relaxing, first time guests (Lenny Price, Amy Garland, and Mikal and Lisa Bennet) left Small Hope with a token of appreciation. One bottle of Coconut rum and one bottle of vodka will forever be kept in the sacred small hope bar. Scripted on each bottle is a message from the group of friends describing the memories they made here, and promises of a return.

Written on the left bottle in the above picture:
"Thank you Small Hope Bay Lodge family. It is a very small token of our appreciation but whenever someone has a drink from this bottle just think 'Be Cool'."

Written on the right bottle in the above picture:
"Possibly the best vacation ever because it was shared amongst family and friends. Thank you to every person who made it possible and thanks to Rex and Sarah for protecting us during our nature walk and showing us what ISLAND LIVING is all about!"
- Lisa and Mikal Bennett, Amy Garland and Lenny Price.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

30 years of satisfaction

Last week Small Hope welcomed back Tom, Reed, David, and Ted. All who were long-term repeat guests.

“Small Hope Bay – been visiting for 30 years, each visit better than the last. Their food, diving, and lodging is the best in the Caribbean. Service from everyone is like staying with family. Coming back next year.” – Tom Reed

“Since I’ve been here I haven’t worn shoes, set an alarm clock or eaten a bad meal. Spectacular diving. No wonder I keep coming back!” – Reid Ashe

“What makes Small Hope Bay Lodge different from other Caribbean resorts/lodges/beach bars is the camaraderie in the lodge with the staff. They say there is a Small Hope family and it is true. The “welcomes” and the “welcome-backs” are sincere. And, it is close- a short trip for us. The world is blessed by the Birch Family heritage.” - David Henry

“Great Mornings! Diving is a wonderful easy effort. A short boat ride to spectacular dive sites. A plenty of hammocks and fabulous conch fritters! The staff makes us part of the family. I look forward to adding to my welcome back T-shirt collection.” – Ted Nelson Pin It Now!