Friday, June 19, 2009

Getting Ready for a beautiful summer at Small Hope Bay Lodge

With the weather already reaching highs of 87 degrees, it’s not hard to guess the beautiful summer we’ll have at Small Hope Bay Lodge! Future guests can get ready for signature dive sites at Brad’s Mountain, where it’s uncommon to not run into a shark or two. Or going on the edge or over on a wall dive. Watching Sharks eat a delicious chum ball for lunch at the Shark Emporium. Or diving in King Kong’s Blue Hole, where the tongue of the ocean plunges to 6,000ft. You can expect there will be many dive trips to these favorites or find your own favorite with more than 60 dive sites around the island.
It’s also been perfect weather for many guests to enjoy other activities such as bone fishing, or one of our many nature walks around Andros Island.
Feeling adventurous, take a hike up to one of our inland Blue Holes, and experience weightlessness while diving in the Fresh Water.
The weather is perfect, the water temperature is rising and the visibility couldn’t be more ideal. Pin It Now!

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