Tuesday, June 2, 2009

30 years of satisfaction

Last week Small Hope welcomed back Tom, Reed, David, and Ted. All who were long-term repeat guests.

“Small Hope Bay – been visiting for 30 years, each visit better than the last. Their food, diving, and lodging is the best in the Caribbean. Service from everyone is like staying with family. Coming back next year.” – Tom Reed

“Since I’ve been here I haven’t worn shoes, set an alarm clock or eaten a bad meal. Spectacular diving. No wonder I keep coming back!” – Reid Ashe

“What makes Small Hope Bay Lodge different from other Caribbean resorts/lodges/beach bars is the camaraderie in the lodge with the staff. They say there is a Small Hope family and it is true. The “welcomes” and the “welcome-backs” are sincere. And, it is close- a short trip for us. The world is blessed by the Birch Family heritage.” - David Henry

“Great Mornings! Diving is a wonderful easy effort. A short boat ride to spectacular dive sites. A plenty of hammocks and fabulous conch fritters! The staff makes us part of the family. I look forward to adding to my welcome back T-shirt collection.” – Ted Nelson Pin It Now!

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