Saturday, June 6, 2009

Leaving Memories at SHBL

After four amazing days of diving, snorkeling and relaxing, first time guests (Lenny Price, Amy Garland, and Mikal and Lisa Bennet) left Small Hope with a token of appreciation. One bottle of Coconut rum and one bottle of vodka will forever be kept in the sacred small hope bar. Scripted on each bottle is a message from the group of friends describing the memories they made here, and promises of a return.

Written on the left bottle in the above picture:
"Thank you Small Hope Bay Lodge family. It is a very small token of our appreciation but whenever someone has a drink from this bottle just think 'Be Cool'."

Written on the right bottle in the above picture:
"Possibly the best vacation ever because it was shared amongst family and friends. Thank you to every person who made it possible and thanks to Rex and Sarah for protecting us during our nature walk and showing us what ISLAND LIVING is all about!"
- Lisa and Mikal Bennett, Amy Garland and Lenny Price.

To see the testimonial from Mikal and Lisa about their time at Small Hope click here. Pin It Now!

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