Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Family Celebrates a 40th Anniversary here at Small Hope Bay Lodge

The Napiers’ and Gilbrides’ family of 10 came down to vacation at Small Hope Bay Lodge to celebrate Bob and Ruth’s 40th anniversary. The ages ranged from 4 and a half to 67 and the whole family enjoyed snorkeling, diving, and quality time together here at Small Hope.

“This trip was a surprise for me – and what a wonderful surprise! Beautiful – great for kids – lots of fun. A great place for our family – grandparents, parents, children – we are celebrating our 40th anniversary and what a celebration!” - Ruth Napier

“So family friendly – all ages – from 67 to age 4. Not only a fabulous setting but the ‘team’ is great and friendly.” - Bob Napier

“What a comfortable place you have here! Our family celebration (40th anniversary) allowed our ages to enjoy fun in the sun, water and being together. The staff is great at making everyone feel at home – food is great, drinks are flowing, kids are all smiles – Thank you for a great time!” - Scott Gilbride

“We have had a fantastic week at Small Hope Bay Resort! Everyone here is super nice and helpful. We couldn’t have asked for a better vacation… boat rides, snorkeling, beach time, Blue Hole, wonderful meals, lots and lots of laughs, crab hunts, and much R&R – Thank you for everything!!”
“P.S. The babysitters were something our children looked forward to every night! A major PLUS!” - Charlotte Gilbride

“Eight days ago, I was simply alive. Seven days in Andros, and now I can dive. The sand, the drinks, the food and the fun in the water. Family Loren, Amanda, Tayna and Danielle, thank you for a trip we will always remember so dear. Bob, Jane Liz and I hope to see you another year!!” - Kristin Napier

“The smile on everyone’s face tells the story…from staff, to dogs, to four year olds. Thanks for a wonderful set of days in the sun. A first time diver, it looks like more adventures here. Cheers to tailing bonefish at low tide.” - Bob Napier Pin It Now!

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