Saturday, February 27, 2010

Potters In the Bahamas

The Potters decided to once again escape the cold of the UK at Christmastime and they ventured over the pond to Small Hope for the holidays. All four participated in decorating the Christmas tree with handmade ornaments and some experimented with diving and snorkeling. There was tons of relaxing and game playing to be had by all. The Potters rounded out our international flair that week, making friends with other guests from Sweden and Canada.

Here is their take on their week on the island.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Gene and Andrea took a break from their diving vacation (they became certified Open Water divers at the beginning of their 10 day stay) to go out for a half day of deep sea fishing.

They brought in two barracudas and Andrea came in victorious by reeling in a good sized wahoo. Chef Scoot filleted the fish for dinner and Andrea fed all of the guests the fish dish that night!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Making Dreams Come True At Small Hope Bay Lodge

Dick and Ginny came to Small Hope as newlyweds on an adventure honeymoon 48 years ago. In 1962, there was only one dirt road on the island, no telephone or electricity and no bridge over Fresh Creek, which means that guests arrived to Small Hope via boat and the women were lifted off and carried to dry sand by one of the men.

48 years later, the young at heart lovers returned for their second honeymoon. Dick and Ginny entertained and delighted the other guests through their week stay with colorful stories of Small Hope in the early days and from other exciting times in their lives.

Ginny told Mr. Birch that her only dream was to take a boat ride on the Androsian water. Ginny had some mobility issues so our crack team of maintenance staff engineered a queen's throne so Ginny could be lifted onto and off the boat. Divemaster Loren took her and her love on a spin around the lagoon, fulfilling her dream!

Here is what Dick had to say about Small Hope:

"Small Hope gives us a large hope for coming back and it won't be another 48 years! May the wings of love never lose a feather." Pin It Now!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Small Hope Bay is a place for kids!

Ian and Tessa show off their Bahamian spirit by wearing their Androsia togs and waving Bahamian flags. The five and two year old were brought to Small Hope by their parents, Graeme and Mary, and the whole family had a great time looking for shells, building sand castles and Dad even managed to get in some diving and bonefishing! Pin It Now!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Nature Walking on Andros Island

The guests at Small Hope Bay Lodge decided to participate in a little eco tourism on Andros Island by taking advantage of one of our nature walks. Usually the walks are self-guided but Divemaster Loren lead the way for the guests, explaining many of the native plants and sharing some of the folklore associated with bush medicine, which is still practiced throughout the Bahamas. Lee, who is an avid birder, brought along her binoculars and saw a couple of different native birds!

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