Friday, November 5, 2010

Birthday Celebrations!!

Vicki, Kristi, Lisa, Connie and the gang!

This morning, we bid farwell to some great new friends. Over a decade ago, Lisa and Kristi visited Small Hope. Brought back by the smell of Conch Fritters, they invited Connie and Vicki down to meet us for Lisa's 50th birthday. They took advantage of all Small Hope has to offer: they did their Discover Scuba courses, ventured to the inland Blue Hole, made their own fabrics at the Androsia Factory, ate plenty of Renauldo's delightful desserts, traveled up to northern Andros, painted their faces for Halloween, snorkeled the shallows by the keys, hammocked themselves to sleep, drank with great company, and more! One of their favorite activites was Charades with Dennis; they taught him how, and now he's hooked for life! They had a great time, as did the staff. From tricking Kristi into thinking that we couldn't cook her favorite dessert to acting out the "Accidental Virgin" in Charades, their fun energy will be greatly missed, and we hope to see them again soon!
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