Thursday, November 4, 2010

Snorkeling at Small Hope..............

There are many places to snorkel around Small Hope; here are some descriptions of two of the more popular snorkel spots.

The Under and Around the Dock
The dock is a place of marine abundance and a great starting point for snorkelers, weather you are just learning to snorkel or are experienced. The dock is where the ruins of a previous dock is, which has been claimed as a home by an enormous variety of marine life. The dock and its surroundings are also delightful for a night snorkel. There is every chance you will see some Sergent Majors, Snappers, French Grunts, Barracudas and schools of sliver sides.

Sergent Majors


Silver sides
John Rock

John Rock

If the tide is high then snorkel out towards John Rock, south from the dock across the sand patch. Keep a look out for sting rays. Look into the crevices at the edge along John Rock and you could come across some needle fish, yellow goat fish and long spined urchin. Early morning and late afternoon is a good time to see southern stingray and spotted eagle rays.

Southern Sting Ray
Yellow Goat Fish
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Todd Bradley said...

When I went snorkeling around the dock, I found a beautiful lobster hiding in a pipe.