Friday, April 22, 2011

News from Small Hope.................

A big HELLO to everyone out there!!

So what has been happening at Small Hope lately???

We have had Chris, Fred and Pete from Massachusetts back for some fun in the sun and early morning Over the Wall dive, it was great seeing them again.

Peter, Chris & Fred on the ledge

Bill and Jean are back for a visit from Canada. They have been coming since the 60's! Watch a video of Bill and Jean chatting with Jeff.

Jeff, Jean and Bill

We have had a lovely beach wedding. A big congratulations to Lewis and Maria from Chicago!

Lewis & Maria with Reverend Hamilton 

Dive intern Kate has started her rescue diver training with Small Hope Dive Master Joe. Good luck Kate and have fun!!

Joe & Kate

The dive staff have been busy, with 3 dives a day, going to all your favorite sites

Hope to see you all soon!!!

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