Friday, May 13, 2016

A Perfect Destination for Families . . . .

This little resort, hidden away on beautiful Andros Island, is an ideal vacation spot for families! As an all-inclusive resort, it makes your trip easy. We are family owned and operated since the very beginning and family is very important to us.

We have Family Cabins, which are two-bedroom cabins with a shared bath. They usually have a king-size bed on one side and two single beds on the other side, but you can request other configurations to suit your needs.

We have complimentary babysitting for kids age 2-7 (small fee for a personal babysitter for infants). The kids eat in the Games Room with their babysitter, and get a special kids' menu (though they are welcome to the same menu as the grown ups). This has been a tradition since the beginning and it works great! It give kids the space and time to be kids, and adults get to be adults! Win-win.

We have a swing set and kiddie castle. We have a Young Ranger and a Young Naturalist Program. We teach kids 10 and up to scuba dive. We teach kids under 10 swimming, snorkeling, or our SASY class, which is surface scuba diving for kids.

The kids here have a blast and parents get a worry-free, stress-free holiday! That's why so many families come back to Small Hope, year after year . . .

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