Saturday, December 12, 2015

Our Coconut Farm and Garden

Here on Andros, we are a world away from the busy "rat race". Things move at a slower pace, and that's a good thing! But it also means we have had to become very self-sufficient in many ways. We make our own furniture; we compost our food scraps; we turn used wine bottles into drinking glasses; and we grow our own plants for landscaping and some food too!

This means one of our favorite things here is our coconut farm and our garden. Our garden has all kinds of native and complimentary plants we use in our landscaping and for soil retention in the storms. We grow hibiscus, aloe vera (great for our sunburned guests too!), bougainvillea, seagrape, buttonwood, and more.

Our coconut trees come from the mature trees right here on property. Our grounds staff collects the fallen coconuts, plants them in a bucket of sand, and keeps them in the coco farm till they are large enough to be transplanted to their permanent home somewhere on the grounds.

Of course, some coconuts do not make it that far. Sore we use for their delicious water and meat for our staff and guests!

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