Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas is Coming to Andros . . .

Tis the season . . . for all kinds of fun, food, love, and laughter. Then again, it's that season here year round! But the holidays are upon on us and here is how we celebrate them here on Andros:

  1. Get our tree! We get a locally grown Andros pine to be our Christmas tree. It goes right in our lounge near the dining room and is bedecked with lights and homemade decorations done by our guests each year!
  2. Decorate the resort. Every year our staff goes wild hangings lights, "snowflakes", garland, tinsel, Androsia stockings, and more. It becomes a magical winter wonderland, conveniently located in the Bahamas, and so very comfortably warm.
  3.  Feast!!! On Christmas day, the kitchen staff prepares us an incredible culinary extravaganza. These vary every year but often include such things as roasted pig, smoked turkey(s), spiral ham, mashed Irish and sweet potatoes, lobster salad, coconut shrimp, steamed vegetables, pumpkin soup, etc. Our insanely
    tasty dinner is then followed by the dessert to end all desserts. No less than 20 (and usually several more than that) homemade sweets such as pumpkin pie, coconut pecan cookies, Bailey's marble cheesecake, apple pie, sweet potato pie, key lime pie . . . . and the list goes on. And on. And on. Then food coma sets in and we just kind of stare around at each other in a happy daze of food.
  4. Then we scuba, snorkel, kayak, hot tub, etc for a week until New Year!!!!!!!
Come back for how we spend New Year here at Small Hope  . . . .
*spoiler alert: it's a crazy, awesome, fun, and hilarious party!!!!!!!

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