Monday, December 28, 2015

Androsia, the fabric of the Bahamas . . .

 Back in 1973 (coincidentally the same year the Bahamas became an independent nation) Rosi Birch decided she wanted to give the women on Andros Island a vocation. She decided a batik fabric factory would be perfect. Using the colors of the islands - golden yellow, royal blue, shell pink, etc - and the design found in the nature around us, like sand dollars, conch shells, groupers, palm trees, Rosi and Dick started Androsia.

Well over 40 year later, Androsia is still making the fabric of the Bahamas. They have tons of new stencil designs and still use gorgeous, vibrant colors to create their cloth and clothing. Androsia is also still a big part of Small Hope Bay Lodge and the Birch family. It was passed from Rosi to her step-son Jeff Birch, and now Jeff's daughter, Casey, is there.

And they have a brand new website! 

Androsia's new website has a handy-dandy online store for those who are (unfortunately) not on Andros. Or better yet, come visit us at Small Hope and take a tour of the Androsia factory or come shop in their boutique for all your fabric or clothing needs!

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