Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Young Family Returns

The Youngs, Robert, Kathy, Robbie and Kylie, have been visiting us for 12 years. The Small Hope Bay family welcomed them back during their most recent visit here, where Robby earned his certification as an advanced diver! The family enjoyed diving, snorkeling and visiting the Androsia Batik, where Robert keeps his tradition of buying a new shirt every year and wearing it to work back in the states! Follow this link to see a video from Robert.

“Howdy, We’ve been coming to Small Hope Bay every year since 1997 when Robby was 5 and Kylie was 2 (missing only 1 year visit). This year Kylie dove the backside of the Blue Hole and Robby went Over the Wall at night with Dad for the first time. It has been a great place for the kids to grow up and for us to relax and recharge every year. Now we have the opportunity to visit with friends that we have met in past years as well as all our friends that live on Andros. Share some our memories by visiting www.docrob.fotki.comPin It Now!

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Robert said...

We had another great trip - my pictures are actually posted at (only one k in fotki). I should get this year's up soon.... Robert