Friday, August 14, 2009

Miss Universe 2009 in Bahamas

On June 9th 2009, Small Hope Bay Lodge had the pleasure of hosting Dayana Mendoza, Miss Venezuela and winner of Miss Universe 2008. Dayana was here to promote the 2009 Miss Universe competition that was held earlier this August in Nassau.
Dayana spent the morning with Small Hope’s staff, Mike and Danielle, who took her on her first dive ever. Dayana could not have been more thrilled after her dive at Central Park, a dive signature to Small Hope Bay Lodge.
After she dried off, Dayana visited The Androsia Factory, learning a how the unique fabric is individually stamped, dyed and sewed. Dayana made her own personal fabric, signing her name in wax and stamping with her favorite design. She then went shopping in the outlet boutique located beside the factory where she took some time shopping through our various designs, colours and outfits!
You may have seen the Androsia fabric featured in the 2009 Miss Universe competition this August. The fashion show included many Adrosia Batik fabrics, to see some of the contestants wearing the national fabric of the Bahamas click here.
Androsia is one of the most unique fabrics you can buy, each hand made, stamped and dyed, many of our guests who work within the corporate world wear our shirts and fabrics to work. Visit our YouTube to hear from Robert Young, a repeat guest to the Small Hope Bay Family. Pin It Now!

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