Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Androsia's debut at Miss Universe 2009

The 2009 Miss Universe was held this year at Atlantis, Paradise
Island in the Bahamas. Androsia Batik Fabric was used during the August 12 and August 23rd fashion show and our classic Androsia Pareos were worn during the August 23rd swimsuit fashion show.
We are so proud to see our fabric, that first started as an experiment in 1973 with wax and dye, to turn into what is now referred to as “The National Fabric of the Bahamas”, was featured in more than two thirds of the Miss Universe Competition. Follow this link to watch a video of the fashion show, where the Androsia Fabric was worn and designed by Bahamian designers such as Basheva Eve.
Androsia Fabric is made on Andros Island, which first started in 1973 by Dick Birch and his wife, Rosie. The first six years the Androsia fabric was made at Small Hope Bay Lodge, the diving resort on Andros, which Dick opened and operated at the time. In 1979, Androsia Batik Factory and Androsia Outlet were opened in Andros Town.
All Androsia Fabric is hand-stamped, hand-dyed and hand-sewn, and is really one of a kind. Watch the process for yourself on our YouTube Channel. The factory creates fabrics, uniforms, outfits, beachwear and anything you can imagine to the other islands in the Bahamas. Visit the Androsia shopping cart for a full list of items available!

To find out more about Androsia Batik, visit the Androsia Website. Pin It Now!

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