Monday, August 17, 2009

Warm Wishes from the Snow Family

The Snow family came to Small Hope Bay Lodge looking to spend quality time together as a family. Isabelle, age 11 and her Dad, Ben, took the discovery scuba diving course and enjoyed diving some of our 40 foot dives! Oliver, age 9, and Mom, Alison, enjoyed snorkeling around the dock and on the beaches of Small Hope.
The Family also took a trip to the inland blue hole where they enjoyed an entire afternoon jumping off the dock and swimming in the giant fresh water blue hole. It took a little encouragement to get Isabelle to jump off, but after her first jump, anyone 20 miles around could hear her yell "That was Awesome!". Isabelle set the new Small Hope record for most jumps off the Blue Hole dock, when jumping 46 cannonballs in a row!
Watch a video of the Snow's and other guests time at the Blue Hole here.
Before leaving, Isabelle and Oliver made thank you cards about the fun they had here at Small Hope Bay Lodge.
“Dear Small Hope Staff,
Thank you for being the best resort staff that I’ve ever had. In a few days you guys made me and my family feel like family. You taught me how to dive, to never-ever do a belly flop again and the song “Buttercup Baby”. It was fun to learn your personalities. From acting to diving, to jumping off a platform into deep water really well.
When I grow up I want to work in Small Hope as a summer job. Thank you for giving me the stay of my life.
From Isabelle, August 7- 12th 2009”
“To all staff,
Thank you for a wounderful stay it was very fun.
From Oliver” Pin It Now!

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