Monday, April 18, 2016

Working with the Community, and Teaching Kids to Dive!!!!

Small Hope has a long and proud history of working to help the lives and livelihoods of the Andros people. Starting way back when Dick Birch started the resort in 1960 and continuing to this day.

So when the local law enforcement came to Jeff Birch and asked if Small Hope would help in teaching a group of local kids to scuba dive, he said YES! This group of kids got to learn how to fish last year and this year it's swimming, snorkeling, and diving!

The group contains 21 kids, ages 15-18. The goal is to get all of the as PADI certified Open Water divers. Jeff feels this is an important task so that the kids will start to understand the delicate ecosystem they live in, as well as gain a true appreciation and value for this beautiful island they call home.

The group started off very auspiciously! On the first day they got in the water a group of dolphins came by the dock to see what was happening! They are learning the water skills now, as well as watching our slide shows about the reef and aquatic life of Andros.

We wish them all luck and look forward to watching them progress in to great scuba divers!

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