Friday, April 15, 2016

Our Beautiful, Bright Cabins, and Custom Androsia decor!

Small Hope was opened in 1960, and we have been going strong for over 55 years now! Our cabins were built one at a time by Dick Birch and his family. They started with Cabin 1, and when they finished the construction of each the family would live in each cabin as they progressed. They are constructed from Andros pine and coral rock. Each one is a little different from the rest too!

But they all have some things in common: They all have tile floors, ceiling fans, A/C, a comfortable living space, a reading chair, a safe, and two outside chairs for watching the beautiful scenery. They also all have comfy beds with Androsia runners and Androsia wall hangings.

Androsia was started in 1973 and has been in the Birch family from the beginning. They make beautiful hand-made Batik fabrics. And they bring beautiful bright colors to all our beachfront cabins!


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