Monday, April 11, 2016

Get to Know the Staff: Meet Alvin!!!

Introducing . . . 
the incredible Alvin!!!

Alvin is one of the amazing "behind the scenes" members of staff. He is incredibly hard-working and dedicated. He is also a wonderfully versatile staff member. He does it all! He works in the kitchen, in maintenance, on the grounds and nursery. He has even been known to lend a hand on a dive or fishing trip.

Alvin has many awesome traits. He is pound-for-pound the strongest person on the island! I have seen him pick up an entire picnic table as if it weighed 5 lbs! He is also famous (or notorious) for his wicked dance skills. At our annual staff party, Alvin is the first out there shakin' it!!!!

He is great to have as a co-worker. Staff and guests alike appreciate all he does for them!

Fun Facts about Alvin:

# of Years at Small Hope: 10

# of Kids: 5

Favorite Thing to do Outside of Work: Work is his favorite thing to do. And with 5 kids, it's work, work, work - here or at home!

Best Part about Working at Small Hope: The variety. Each day is something new.

Favorite Food: Junk food (Bad Alvin!)

Favorite Superhero: Jeff. "He has done so much for me and my family. And I have learned so much here."

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