Monday, November 30, 2015

Sassy: 4 1/2 Years of cuteness!

 In May of 2011, Sassy and Scuba, came to live at Small Hope Bay Lodge. They immediately were a hit with guests and staff alike. Not surprising, considering how adorable they were/are! Just about everyone was tempted to put them both in their suitcases and smuggle them home.

Sassy and Scuba are what we call "Potcakes". A Bahamian term essentially meaning mutt.
 Despite very different appearances and highly contrasting personalities, Sassy and Scuba are brother and sister, litter-mates. Sassy is very mellow, intelligent, and rather lazy. Scuba is highly energetic, athletic, and very sweet though not the "sharpest tool in the shed". It was determined after a short while that Scuba was probably better suited for life up at Jeff's (owner/manager of Small Hope) home.

 Sassy has proven to be a WONDERFUL dog! She loves welcoming the new guests arriving by taxi, monitoring what all the staff members are up to, checking to see who gets to give her illicit snacks each day, and watching over cocktail hour and dinner time on the patio, letting us all know that she, too, likes conch fritters!

She even comes on some of the morning dive trips. She is always very concerned when people jump into the depths, but she is immensely relieved and overjoyed to see us all return to the boat safely.

 Sassy is absolutely, 100% part of the family, as well as the staff. She sees her role here as part watchdog, part groundskeeper (picking up any food dropped), and part fisherdog (she chases those little fish but hasn't caught one yet).

We love her to bits. She makes everyday a little bit better and we are so glad this is her home.

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