Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Get to Know the Staff: Meet Jardie!

Introducing . . . . . 
the lovely Jardie Adly!

If you've ever been to Small Hope, you have probably met this outgoing woman. She was the one bringing your delicious breakfast to you, or serving your favorite dinners and desserts.

Guests love her because she is always smiling, very friendly, and extremely helpful.

The staff love her because she has a wicked sense of humor and always keeps us on our toes!

Here are some fun facts about Jardie:

# of Years at Small Hope: 7

# of kids: Two. CJ is 10 years old, and Destiny is 15 months.

Favorite Thing to do Outside of Work: Cook, take care of the house, and SLEEP!

The Best Part About Working at Small Hope for her: Talking to all the guests, and keeping  them smiling.

Favorite Food: Steamed Chicken, and Red Beans and Rice.

Favorite Color: Purple

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