Friday, November 6, 2015

Great Week of Fishing

Last week was a great time for fishing at Small Hope!

Anne and Kieth went reef fishing with our guide, Jeff, and caught enough yellow tailed snapper to feed everybody with a Bahamian fish dinner and a sashimi appetizer. Reef fishing is a great option for families and inexperienced fishermen,and should probably be called catching instead of fishing. While you might not bring in the big ones, you'll most likely spend the whole day bringing up snapper, grouper, trigger fish, and a barracuda if you're lucky!
Below is a picture of our guide, Jeff, with a yellow tail.

We also had guests spend a day deep sea fishing, which meant we had another night of sashimi! If you spend a day deep sea fishing, you might not catch as many fish, but what you do catch will be worth the wait! Trolling fifteen miles off the shore means you wait a little bit longer for a bight, but you can expect Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Marlin, and other pelagics. 
Below is Jeff again with the Wahoo that provided us with Sashimi.

Bonefishing is more of a hunt than reef or deep sea. For a day of bonefishing, we'll take you out to the flats, where one of our guides will point out the fish, and tell you how to place your bait or fly in the right position. While most people enjoy fly fishing for bones, plenty of people still prefer using a spinning reel and live bait. Even though there's not enough meat on the fish to eat, bonefish are trophies because of the active hunt involved in catch.

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