Friday, March 11, 2016

What our guests have to say about Small Hope Bay Lodge . . .

We truly get the most wonderful guests at Small Hope. I suspect that the type of people who choose to go to an off-the-beaten -track resort on a (mostly) deserted tropical island, with no TVs in your cabins are just the coolest anyway!

Our guests bring with them great stories of families and travel and we get to share all of it. The staff and guests here mingle and chat about everything from world politics, to the environment, to the new Star Wars movie, and the most recent Duke game.

Our cocktail hour has seen different people come and go. Many of our guests have made life-long friends here among the other guests and the staff as well. It is such a treat to live and work among some of the most interesting people in the world!

Check out some of what our guests have said about their stay here . . .

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