Monday, March 28, 2016

The Beautiful Artwork at Small Hope . . .

Not only do we get the coolest guests here at Small Hope, but we also get the most talented and generous! Check our some of the incredible artwork our guests have done and given to us . . .

This piece was given to us by Elizabeth Klevens. She and her family have been coming to Small Hope since she was a small child. Diving was a favorite pastime for both her parents and Small Hope had a very special place in their hearts. Elizabeth did this piece for them and it hung in their entryway at their home until they both passed away. They both requested their ashes spread at their favorite Small Hope dive site. We had memorial services for them both and Elizabeth also made plaques that mark where we dropped the ashes. Elizabeth then added the mount and lighting and shipped this to us!!!! So amazing. Our inside bar wouldn't be complete without it. Check our her website for all the other amazing things she has done on her website

Another mind blowing piece of glass work was given to us by Mary Driver. This piece sits over our mantle and is unreal how beautiful it is. Look at the detail of the glass work. Mary lives in the Pacific Northwest but comes at least once a year to dive with us here on Andros. She has done some of the most impressive mosaics. See her beautiful pieces here

This painting was given to us by a good friend. It also hangs behind our bar and people are shocked to learn it isn't actually a photo! Look at the detail. So talented!!!

This lithograph has been with Small Hope for many years. I think it really captures the beauty of our night sky over the dock.

Thanks to all the artists who have shared their works with us. And keep sending more. We love them. 

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