Friday, February 5, 2016

The Bonefishing Capital of the World!!!

If you are a serious fly fisherman there is a very good chance you have already heard about Andros Island. This is place to be for bonefishing. This large island, with our giant bights running through, and so many ocean flats to choose from, is ideal for the sport! Not to mention you probably won't see another soul around, just you and your guide all day!

This type of fishing is known for the challenge. Bonefishing is what we call "active hunting". This means you spot the fish (difficult to do since they camouflage so well with the water and sand), then you have to cast the fly just right (you can't cast it too far or the fish won't see it, but it can't be too close or the fish will spook); then, if the fish chooses to bite it is pound for pound one of the best fights you'll get!

It's no wonder bonefishermen are so passionate about it. Here are some Bonefish Facts.

We offer great packages for all levels of fishermen, and we have lots of different fishing spots to choose from. Check out our checklist of what to bring on your fishing trip.

Small Hope Bay Lodge is unique because we offer a multitude of fishing opportunities for beginners and experts alike. But we also offer activities (and inactivities) for other members of your group who may not want to bonefish all day!

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