Monday, February 22, 2016

Get to Know the Staff: Meet Dennis!

Introducing . . . . 
the amazing, Dennis!

Dennis has been around Small Hope for many years. He is known by all as a wonderful, kind, and fun-lovingly man. Most people know him as one of our fabulous Divemasters, but few know that when he started at Small Hope he started in the maintenance department and didn't even know how to swim! Well, those days are long gone. He is now practically a fish - first person in the water on a dive, and last person out of the water. He is also now a PADI Open Water Instructor and has taught probably hundreds of men, women and children how to dive.

He is also our senior Nature Tour Guide and Audubon certified birding guide. He truly does it all here. So if you don't see him on the dive boat, maybe he will be mixing up your favorite cocktail, or pointing out  the elusive Bahama Oriole, or jumping with you in to Captain Bill's Blue Hole.

Fun Facts about Dennis:

# of Years at Small Hope: He celebrated 9 years at Small Hope in September of 2015

# of Kids: Four  (3 girls, and 1 boy)

Kids names: Denise, Denicia, Kendranique, and Xavier

Favorite Thing to do Outside of Work: Explore the nature trails of Andros.

Best Part about Working at Small Hope for him: Variety. You never know what the day will bring. Meeting new people, going on new adventures.

Favorite Food: Crab n' Dough

Favorite Color: Emerald Green

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joi beck said...

We had the pleasure of meeting Dennis on our trip. He worked with my husband to attain his padi certification and was very kind and patient with a first-timer like myself. He is a world of knowledge about local folklore and birds all around the area. He may even tinkle the glories when prompted. Dennis is just one example of why people will return to Small Hope again and again. The entire staff and experience is unrivalled!Can't wait to return.

Anonymous said...

Tell him Al and Sandy say "Hi".. He is the greatest.