Saturday, August 8, 2015

Tommy Hobson Fresh Beat Band Star Visits Small Hope Bay

Fresh Beat Band Star Tommy Hobson Visits 
Small Hope Bay Lodge!

Fresh Beat Band star Tommy Hobson, visited Small Hope Bay Lodge a month ago. Originally known as The JumpArounds, The Fresh Beat Band is an American preschool show has been airing on Nikelodeon since 2009 and has received many awards since its premiere. Tommy plays a character named "Shout", who is a member of a band called "Fresh Beats". The band is made up of four members, Twist, Kiki, Marina and Shout. Shout is the keyboard man and vocalist. The concept of each episode begins with the band singing about a problem that the band will soon comes across. Throughout the episode, the band manages to solve the problem. At the end the band sings their closing song, which includes what the problem was and how they dealt with it.

Hobson has also made many television appearances. Most notably he has starred in Free Enterprise and Clubhouse Detectives. Hobson started acting at the age of 6 and received a B.A. in theater from Yale University. 

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