Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Jad Davenport visit Andros Wild Wild West!!!!

Jad Davenport visit's Andros West Side with Small Hope Bay 

Jad Davenport writer for coastal magazine and National Geographic photographer recently paid a visit to Small Hope Bay Lodge to visit the west side of Andros Island. He explored the area with Small Hope tour guide Tarran and boat captain Jeff. The west side of Andros is the western most frontier of The Bahama Islands. The area has a large bio-diversity of marine life. Many fishermen believe that because of the preservation of this area, species such as snappers, spiny lobsters, tarpon, and bonfish can use it as a nursery habitat. These nursery habitats are believed to contribute to the fish stocks throughout the Caribbean region and the East Coast of the united states. 
The Small Hope Bay Lodge Andros west side tour will take you on a journey to a place where not many have ventured. Hunting for endangered species such as the Andros Iguana,  the sawtooth fish and luck may bring a few turtles. You will visit Al Capone's old hang out at the Bang Bang club, and the old sponging market. Guests will have a chance to exfoliate their skin with the alluvial clay, and fish for their lunch. The west side tour is like non-other, life changing, thrilling, out of this world. Visit Small Hope Bay Lodge and book the west side tour today www.smallhope.com.

Check out Jad's Adventure by clicking on the link above!

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