Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac

Tropical Storm Isaac visits Andros Island

Small Hope dock as the wind began to pick up
For those of us in the Caribbean, Tropical Storm Isaac has been a hot topic the last few days. The storm has kept us all on alert and as it changed course multiple times Small Hope Bay Lodge, like others in the Bahamas took the necessary precautions to ensure we were ready for Isaac’s arrival.

a little soccer before starting storm preparations
Nice one Tony

Early Saturday with conditions clearly unsuitable for diving, preparations began. A top priority was the safe transfer of our guests to Nassau while the staff worked tirelessly to ensure Small Hope was protected from whatever the storm could throw our way. With the cabins boarded up and sandbags in place, the dock sufficiently secured, and the boats safe and sound in Davis creek, Isaac arrived.

Protecting the lounge
Dennis, Davis and Claudius preparing for Isaac

The lounge 

 As the wind blew strong and the rain came down outside the staff of Small Hope Bay rode out the storm together in the lounge challenging each other to games of dominos, backgammon, jenga and the largest game of apples to apples Small Hope has ever seen.  Renauldo cooked us all a delicious meal, and the sound of Isaac outside was soon drowned out by the laughter and conversation inside!

[Image of 5-day forecast and coastal areas under a warning or a watch]The wind and rain continued throughout the night, but as the sun came up this morning we were happy to find that the damage done by the worst of Isaac was very minimal. 
A few palm branches and coconuts down but otherwise Small Hope fared very well through this storm. Today we are experiencing wind and scattered showers, the newest models for Tropical Storm Isaac show that the worst has passed us here on Andros Island. We are expecting conditions to improve over the next couple days, with the wind dropping considerably by Monday and Tuesday. Small Hope Bay Lodge will be closed Today, Sunday August 26 and then back in action Monday August 27.

High tide and big swells

Here comes Isaac

Small Hope Bay Lodge and all of Andros Island were very lucky not to have received harsher conditions throughout this storm. From all of us here at SHBL we would like to send out our love and best wishes to those who were more seriously affected and those who Isaac has yet to affect. For the residents of Haiti, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic who were hit hard by Isaac, our thoughts are with you.

As Jeff Birch would say “Small Hope would like to send out BIG Hope” for the families affected by Tropical Storm Isaac! 
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