Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Andros Marine Life

                                                                 From Nudibranchs to Hammerheads
 There is Always Something to see at Small Hope Bay

Whether you are snorkeling under the dock, kayaking in Davis Creek, fishing the flats on the West Side or diving 140 feet down Whip Wire Wall you are sure to see some amazing creatures here at Small Hope Bay on Andros Island.


   Given that Small Hope is located on the third longest barrier reef and just a 5 minute boat ride from the 6000ft drop that is the Tongue of the Ocean it is no surprise that you would see many things while out diving. Our divers marvel at the graceful spotted eagle rays that cruise past them out over the wall or the impressive hammerhead shark that swims by to smile at the camera. As the divers come up over the top of the wall it is always a treat to be greeted by a curious hawksbill turtle or 'Frank' our resident mutton snapper who loves the spotlight and is a huge camera hog. The shallow dives prove to be just as abundant in marine life and always give the divers something to get excited about. You could be searching for blennies and nudibranchs at Central Park in the morning and then find yourself caught in a school of chub or creole wrasse in the afternoon on your dive to Brad's Mountain. 

It is not just while diving that you will be thrilled by the life in the ocean. Simply snorkeling or kayaking Small Hope Bay and Davis Creek is a great way to experience the marine life in the Bahamas. Count how many sea stars you find in the bay or go see the checkered puffer fish that live in the creek. Perhaps give the Mangroves a snorkel as well. As a breeding and nursery ground for the fish that live out on the reef it is abundant with juvenile parrotfish, damselfish, surgeonfish and even the beautiful honeycomb cowfish.


Small Hope dock has been proclaimed by many as their favorite snorkel site as it is home to large schools of grunt and snapper. Not to mention lobster and of course our resident octopus! Watch out though, you may find yourself being followed by the ever curious barracuda.

 A pod of friendly bottle nose dolphin come by every now and then to say hello, just last month they joined a group on their discover scuba diving course. It was a great first experience for the divers to say the least.

   Just like the reef and the bay  the bonefish flats all around the island are always abundant in marine life. You are sure to find many fish such as permit, tarpon and especially bonefish. The flats will not disappoint. 


 The marine life in the Bahamas and specifically Andros Island is thriving. Laura, a Small Hope divemaster says that, "Never has there been a dive or a snorkel where I didn't see enough. I will never get tired of seeing red lip blennies, reef sharks, or Frank my favorite snapper".

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