Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sandcastles at Small Hope Bay


We had some guests treat us to some excellent sandcastle construction this week. Our guests Justin Trudeau and 7 year-old Alex both impressed everyone with their sandcastling skills.  

Justin came here this time with his wife and children and fit in just like family. He also visited Small Hope when he was a very small child with his father. Justin's father, former Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau, also fit in like family with Small Hope Bay Lodge founder Dick Birch. Justin was retracing steps that were both memorable, emotional and Small Hope salutes him, his lovely wife, Sofie and their two adorable kids.

Justin came prepared with his own sandcastle kit and Alex was keen to take some tips from him. Both castles had bridges and turrets, there was a moat, and towers, one even had a cracked brick façade.   Both guests showed firm dedication as they took time out in between dive trips to perfect the fortresses. It took almost a whole day to complete the masterpieces, but as the sun was setting, both looked very impressive and have now well and truly laid down the gauntlet for our next Sandcastle enthusiasts!

There is so much more of the story to be shared as our blog continues and as Small Hope continues in to our 51st year

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