Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jeff Goes to the Big City

Our fearless leader, Jeffrey Birch, just got back from the Paris Dive Show or Salon de la  Plongée . Despite some small reluctance Jeff had about traveling so far, he unsurprisingly had a spectacular time! Jeff took lots of pictures (successfully making everyone else very jealous) of the city, the dive show and especially the FOOD!

Small Hope Bay Lodge has been attending the Paris Dive Show for many years now and Jeff was able to reunite with some good friends. The show itself proved to be extremely well organized and fun for all! One couple, Audrey and Cedric, were lucky enough to have their wedding sponsored by the Bahamas Ministry of tourism as well as the Dive Show. The ceremony was performed in the pool at the Dive Show! The lucky couple is now off to the Bahamas for their honeymoon and will even make it to Small Hope Bay Lodge to renew their vows.

As anyone who has been to Paris will testify, food there is something taken very seriously. In the dive show itself there were all kinds of foods stalls filled with unbelievable snacks. After the show each day, Jeff went out with Karin Mallet, the representative in France. She took him to many restaurants but Jeff’s absolute favorite was the food market. Rows and rows of the freshest and ripest fruits and vegetables, mountains of too many cheeses to even try to name, freshly cut meats, so many types of olives to make your head spin and freshly baked pastries around every corner.
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