Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jeff's Ladder

How did the site get its name? 

Well, that's an amusing tale… Jeff Birch took an early era dive boat to the site, and when the divers returned to the boat after the dive, they had a hard time getting back on board. Somebody had forgotten to put down the ladder!

This site consists of two large circular sand patches surrounded by corals, situated near a false wall. Jeff’s Ladder is a great site for divers completing their certification, as it has a nice sandy bottom for skill work. Navigation is particularly easy for divers, as both sand patches cover a large area, so it's pretty difficult to get lost here. Nurse sharks tend to hang out under the coral ledges, flamingo tongues live on the soft corals and blue tangs spot the reef in their quick moving shoals. 

 Watch a dive video from this site to see whats there............
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